No really solid plans for this yet, but it’s been about 9 months since the completion of Carrcass-10. I’d like to tie this one into woods mythology more, like I did the last part of the Falmouth series with Whitehead Crossing, etc. Nebraska appears to be a key link.


Lego movie may be key, then. It is being released on DVD as of today (!).



(Winfield is Winesap).
(lego may stand for dis legomenon).
(fisherman [ fisher+herman] is a dis legomenon of Winesap).


Stone Reader (in search of Dow *Mossman*, author of The Stones of Summer; also directed by *Mos*kowitz).
Sphere (bits in middle; very end where they agree to forgot)
LOST (forgetting the island; Season 4); sideways world in Season 6.
Sideways (by same director of Nebraska)
About Schmidt (by same director of Nebraska, has same lead wife; Nicholson in last carrcass (C-10) and also Head Tr*p).

Sideways near Redwine.


Antz (Stone’s follow-up to Sphere)


Sphere used in C-5 and M*Sphere. Golden sphere = God, a dimension above us to us Flatlanders.

And if you have Antz then you must have its logical twin, A Bug’s Life. And also Toy Story. Story here…

The film is a retelling of Aesop’s fable The Ant and the Grasshopper[2] with Akira Kurosawa’s Seven Samurai being a heavy influence on the plot.[3] Production began shortly after the release of Toy Story in 1995. The screenplay was penned by Stanton and comedy writers Donald McEnery and Bob Shaw. The ants in the film were re-designed to be more appealing, and Pixar’s animation unit employed new technical innovations in computer animation. During production, the filmmakers became embroiled in a public feud with DreamWorks due to a similar film, Antz.

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