Collage 04 Test

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“So Hucka D., here we are at Collage 04, an animation apparently. This was created just before I sprained my wrist falling off a truck tailgate at work and had to take a week break from collaging. Now I’m back.”

Hucka D.:

You’re beautiful. Beautifully healing, I mean. Don’t listen to that healer. You are doing swell. You are not swelling. You are well. Weller. Let’s get to the analysis. We’ll get back to healers soon enough.


In Collage 06, yes. Well… here we have a scene from Second Life as a backdrop. This, I believe, is the famous or infamous *Rabbit Hole* connecting the continents of Jeogeot and Maebaleia, perhaps the 2 largest of the Second Life mainland continents, which number perhaps 10 or 11 now. The Rabbit Hole is one of the oddest things I found in my Second Life explorations. I talk about it originally here on the [Baker Blinker Blog] LINK.


Hucka D.:

Well, let’s get to what’s behind the hole in the collage. We have, from left to right, Blue Skies Mr., who in the second part of the animation turns into Dr. Who’s Elton, not to be confused with *that* Elton.



Of course not (smiles).

Hucka D.:

Blue Skies Mr. rearranged spells Mr. Blue Skies, a song by Electric Light Orchestra and a song championed by The Who’s Elton. Don’t you think Pinball Wizard covered by the other Elton could represent another link? I think so.


Could be.

Hucka D.:

This is… you go…


Alright. This is from the episode Love and Monsters, the 10th episode of Season 2 of the newest Dr. Who series. This was during the David Tennant run. The character’s full name is Elton Pope.

Hucka D.:

Elton’s companion and future lover, at least as a cement *tile*, is Ursula.


The relationship between Ursula, Elton and *Doctor* Who is apparently coded into GNIRPS, in the source state of Arkansas…


Actually, in checking I see I’ve already mentioned this here, but without the above, accompanying map to explain. There it is correctly connected to the character Doctor Fork of Billfork, coming from a [delete name] audio source. At the same time in Billfork that this character is mentioned (he will arrive shortly on the confusing scene with either an antidote or an anecdote (!)), James Woods of Northfork lowers the visor of the car to reveal a row of fishing lures, but which also look like *cutlery*, or at least spoons. Obvious connection to *Fork*, however.

Quote from that old blog post:

Only 1 Ursula in US, in Sebastian Co, AR (Ursula is name of waitress in tile 10). Already been connected to Ursula in Carrcass-8 through Doctor’s Creek just to its north.

But… Doctor’s Creek tributary above Ursula is called Doctor’s Fork, and a “Doctor Fork” is mentioned in Billf. (who will arrive soon with the antidote, or is it anecdote?). Doctor Fork is mentioned just as we see fishing lure behind sun visor in car (tile __). Also this looks like spoons, another utensil like forks. Fishing lure assoc. with Doctor Fork as creek or stream, perhaps. Doctor Fork may also then be assoc. with Dr. Who through Ursula. Of course Dr. Fork from audio is a link to North*fork* movie on the video side, akin to Bottom Feedlers (or Fiedlers) and Ursula’s mention of bottom feeders.


So this connects 2 of your synchronicities together, or Carrcass+8 and Carrcass-8. That’s “plus 8” and “minus 8” for the reading audience. Same number but positive and negative. Years and years apart.


9 years.

Hucka D.:

James Woods is looking at a picture of his deceased wife among the fishing lures. The Bill say antidote and anecdote together, fusing the 2 different but similarly pronounced words. Are they the same (as well)?

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May 11, 2015 · 1:09 pm

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