Collage 09 Interpretation 02

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We’ve already mentioned recently that Sam Parr Model in Sam Parr collage 07 has the head of a fox: Redd Foxx once more. This would be the collage just after his first appearance in my work in the Collage 06/07 diptych of that earlier series. And this same Sam Parr Model image now appears in both parts of “Darth Redder”, and, in its second part, with the superimposed head of Redd Foxx once more (2x larger than before in respect to the body). Is this a representation of the akh or haunting spirit?



So his head is covered with the Darth Vader helmet, but simultaneously appears on Sam Parr Model in the background to the right. The group of people in front of her from the first part of the animation have meanwhile disappeared. They seem to be the same as the floating body in front of them. We know this from a prior interpretation of Collage 07 in the new series, which contain these same images. Instead of reproducing the collages, I’ll just give links to the 2 part interpretation:


Hucka D.:

What’s Darth Redder reaching for on the right side?


Good morning, Hucka D. I was hoping you’d show up. The tetraptych is a difficult one to interpret because of the overall complexity. I had the same problem with the Falmouth tetraptych, the first one I did. The analysis of Gilatona-Lis, going pretty smoothly up to that point, got a bit mired there. And it’s Darth Vader on the right side. Darth Redder is just a name I invented to fuse Redd Foxx and Darth Vader together. He’s reaching for… well, he had [a dancing] *Brak* in his hand. Here’s the source image. We can go from there.


It’s the logo of sorts for the carrcass I’ve numbered “Carrcass-0”. Can I give the actual name out here?

Hucka D.:

Might as well. It’s Aunt Frylock. (pause) Isn’t it?


No. It’s [delete name]. Well, I don’t seem to be able to give the name out. Wait… silly me, that’s not the name anyway. Okay, I’ll say it. It’s [delete name].

Hucka D.:

Let me try. “Empire Strikes Brak”. How’s that? Did you hear that well enough?


Let me check the blog post (checks). Yes (!). It showed up for you. Hmmm.

Hucka D.:

It’s because I’m a Greenheader next to Red Head.


Anyway, so we have a mashup of named “Empire Strikes Back” with “The Brak Show”, like in the carrcass. The scene is Darth Vader “reaching” out to his son Luke Skywalker, asking him to join him, or to join the Dark Side.

Hucka D.:

That’s correct. Like he did.


No, Hucka D., he didn’t join his father. He stayed on the Light Side of The Force.

Hucka D.:

Well, how did he do that without getting killed? There was no way off that pole but down, and that was a mile long fall at least. He couldn’t have made it. Movie sequel over after [roughly] 1 hour. Partial price of tickets had to be refunded. You tell me how he did it?

bb (smiling):

Yes, Hucka D., you’re setting me up. We know now how Luke Skywalker escaped the clutches of Darth Vader and didn’t fall to his death. It is because he had a magic toenail and simply wished himself into at least a slightly better place. This is a gift from *Brak*.


But where Collage 09 joins with Collage 10 we have overlapping animations, an interesting effect for certain. Darth Vader reaches out to *12 Oz Mouse* here, and there’s also another animated Brak nearby — in the same driveway that Vader’s arm extends over a bit. Is this a perfect place to segue to an interpretation of Collage 10, Hucka D.?

Hucka D.:

As good as any. We can return to Collage 09 if needed. Who lives in the white house that dominates 10?

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