Weekend 02


(flips pages)

“But of course this is the one I’m most interesting in,” I said. I pointed again. “Foote”, I said, drawing the magnification out. “Grace, Glen Allan, Panther Burn.” “Foote,” I reinforced, “Then Heads on the other side.”

He looked with me. I also thought of the lyrics, “from my head down to my toes,” as 2 of the 4 Beatles — John and Paul perhaps meaningfully — fall flat, head and feet on same level, as in a corpse.

“Helm may also refer to the helm of a ship,” I said, still looking at the northern part of the same county. “This is the body of Addie.”

“Or someone at the helm,” Hucka Doobie chipped in. “A boss, a captain.”

“Helm could also refer to helmet.”

“Or helmets. Helmets cover heads, like in a fireman’s helmet. Like in a football helmet.”

“Here?” he asked. It was a sly observation by him concerning me.


Hucka D.:

Mississippi is a heavily coded state. You will not be able to find it all in the present. It is for the future. “As I Lay Dying”.


Yes. The present is Winesap.

Hucka D.:

Yes. Cash… money. Bono can’t control. Fully. You’ll win. You’ll see.


Frank Park’s Korean Channel: coded in Mississippi.

Hucka D.:

*Visa versa* (!)


But the combo of Foote and Helm+Heads on opposite sides of Washington County points to a specific body (Addie), but also a *foot*ball *helm*et worn on the *head* for protection. And perhaps a specific football player in part: Ray” Nitschke, former all star linebacker for the Green Bay Packers during the famed Lombardi era. But his success on the field led to a small role in The Monkees’ *Head* movie from 1968, where he was running around banging his helmeted head against the walls of a war trench. Football is War. And that’s where it all goes wonky.

Here’s a related post I found:


The Korean Channel represents one specific tile in the 47 tile “Head Trip”, which I can now say the actual name of thanks to Karl’s interview of me, baker b. In the synch (and attached “Dwarf” album) it’s a channel George Tirebiter is watching that shows a movie about war. Pork Chop Hill is mentioned therein so it’s apparently the Korean War.


Later a Monkee replaces his lost army helmet with Nitschke’s football helmet. War is football.

Hucka D.:

That is an important tile.


Back to marbles and toy avatars, I believe the marbles, through Key Rock or the rock with the key in it at Bridee, were able to turn themselves into *humans*, or at least toy avatar versions. The first of their kind might have actually been named *Rock*. Yes, I’m thinking it may have been Rock Meadows of Whitehead Crossing. He has a strong Elton John vibe going on through Mississippi and Crocodile Rock — one Rock might have named the other Rock. And eventually this leads to Gray Seal (Gray Rock + Seal Stone) on the other side of Fantasia Brick Road going through the center of Whitehead Crossing, a Wilson-Wheeler forwards-backwards phenomenon. Across Big Log from it.

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