It may not be now, but soon. But it also may be quite soon. The end of my existence inside the game of Second Life. Energy there is dipping even lower. Mainland is a wasteland (Maisteland).

What popped into my head right now was to release a “book” about my Second Life adventures starting in 2008, arranged either geographically or chronologically. If the former, then it will be by continent (Sansara, Heterocera, Jeogeot, Maebaleia, Nautilus, Corsica). If the latter — as I recall the Baker Blinker Blog can be broken down into large chucks consisting of 8 months apiece, but I’ll have to separate non-Second Life stuff from it.

Since the beginning of the current blog (Frank and Herman/Sunklands) in Aug 2012, I’ve focused heavily on Heterocera, with briefer stays in Jeogeot as follows:

1) Fall, 2012: last incarnation of Pietmond in New Pietmond, Otaki Gorge, with the community then shifting over to Sikkima near the Great Rubi Forest;

2) Summer/Fall 2014: first incarnation of Collagesity in Noru, with the community, once again, shifted over to a location next to the Great Rubi Forest, where it remains.

So that’s two stays in Jeogeot, and in the sims I was most familiar with from previous years (Noru and Otaki Gorge). Then the rest in Heterocera, basically, with more minor stops in Nautilus’ Mysten, for instance (June, 2015), and Corsica’s Asha (Winter 2013/14).

But these 2 Jeogeot stops are quite important because they helped me essentially seal up stories of this most important Second Life continent to me, where I developed a virtual town in Pietmond for the first time. Pietmond is the model for all else to come. And it’s positioned within the Sunklands region, which represent the most important overall area I existed within Second Life, or the most advanced. And then Noru (and attached Chilbo community) forms a second important Jeogeot story, a balance and counterpoint to Sunklands. More minor Jeogeot concentrations are positioned around these two, like Teepot (central northern Jeogeot) and others.

Maybe I should just create a book about Jeogeot.


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