11/1-2/15 Photos 01

The first pic in this post comes from Supersity over in Frank Park. There were a number of posts about this imaginary city-fort composed early on in the Frank and Herman Einstein blog, all from November and December 2012 as I’m now checking. Curious it hasn’t been mentioned here again since then. But anyway, now the 2 sets of rocks have a house polluting their top: no more possible Supersity re-creations or revelations. Compare with this earlier photo here. All we have are the legends of the place. The Sacred Hoop art work once adorning the top was a special site indeed.


We now move back to the general Bigfoot area with shots coming from a ridge separating Bigfoot from Rediscovery. Today I found an easier way to the top from the main path into Bigfoot. Excellent! It’s a short but still tough climb of about 150 feet. I found this baseball on the ridge. Due to its height, I believe the only way it could have gotten up here is if someone brought it. Although there’s an old baseball field below, one would have to had been a Herman Munster to knock it this far. So there’s clear evidence of human involvement with the ridge in the past. But I’m not sure anyone comes up here any longer.


Lots of nice rocks on the other side of the ridge from the old high school…



…with 2 of the biggest, if not the biggest, being one I call Razor’s Edge which we see the sharp namesake top of below…




… and another I call Flattop, which, in contrast to Razor’s Edge, has a nice flat top where one can sit and enjoy the view of the surrounding woods. Flattop is probably the most dramatic looking rock in the region, and is especially impressive coming up to it from below.



Flattop’s flat top in autumn leaves.

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