11/1-2/15 Photos 02

I was also very pleased this day of hiking to learn how close Flattop is to the lower end of the ridge: proximity of two flat places, as it were.


Ridge’s End, as I’ll call it, contains some interesting looking trees and plants…


… perhaps centered by these 4 (locusts? persimmons?) with moss covered bottoms.


Another interesting looking twinned tree of the area with a u shaped connection.


A Ridge’s Edge pine tree’s branches spread horizontally in several directions.


The 4 central trees again from the “front”.


Moving back down to Flattop, which lies only about 20-30 feet below the top. It’s definitely a part of the same complex. Site of yet another toy happening in the future?? Could be.


Flattop view:


Taum Sauk’s cousin Railingston, his faithful dog Rrrrr, and his two ninja bodyguards occupy the top with me.


Oh, and of course his precious railing is there as well. I see it as kind of like Linus’ blanket to him. He sits on it, looks out at the marvelous view, and sucks his thumb.


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