Minoa/Collagesity Update 02

I want to create another Boos interpretation post this morning but I’ll get more speculation about the future or non-future of Collagesity out of the way. Here’s what I think I’ll do now. I will *hold onto* Minoa for at least Dec and Jan and perhaps Feb, and then in March ditch it and move my virtual home to Nautilus City. Apparently I can get a double prim 1024 plot there about any time I want — reasonable rental, like I have now — and with that relative assurance, can play out my hand in Minoa. As I’ve found out in the past, the dead of winter is not the best time to downsize in Second Life, really. I’m trapped inside more, on the computer more, have more days off as well. I have about the ideal amount of land for Collagesity in Minoa. My only complaint is that it’s stretched out a little too much east to west, but everything still seems to fit. I have a nice spot for the basically finished Boos gallery. I’ll have a lot of prims left over for experiments on the ground and in the sky. I’m still right next to the clearly magical Rubi Woods.

Nautilus City is longer term. Minoa is shorter term. With that in mind I still plan to explore the former and log my findings into this here blog. That’s my decision for now. I won’t renew my NC plot. I’ll move the Boos gallery currently on that plot to Minoa. Thanks for listening.

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