The Town That Would Not Die

Minoa’s Collagesity is being reborn.



The Boos Gallery is definitely coming to town (!). The insertion is changing things around it.


Below is a brand new street with cannon pointed at a line of Rubi Woods eucalyptus trees in the distance. I’m tempted to call this Line Street. Cannon Street? Presently it’s really the only official throughway in Collagesity. 6 structures surround it, 3 to a side.


Looking south from the cannon.


Castle of the 7th Spire remains. There are 2 castles, small and large, and both on the western side.


A number of additional residences have been placed within the city.


Town Hall has been moved from Collagesity Heights down to [Cannon Street]. Mr. Bean still assists in the bumbling way he can.


Temple of TILE seen through the Castle of the 7th Spire’s arch. Baker Bloch is almost inspired to paint.


The new Tower Central, in approx. middle of Collagesity. My plan is for it to be a portal into the village. It also acts as a gateway between Collagesity East and Collagesity West. It’s good for the town to have a healthy rivalry between its two sides. Will help generate new stories.


And Collagesity Heights directly above this center is still around, but much reduced. Ground rules now. Tower Central (left) allows access. Church of the Red Door (right) is still there. Nice picnic area.



It will be cool to have Collagesity for the winter months. 🙂

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