Boos Interpretation 16

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Collage 22 directly extends and enlarges some of the pictorial elements found in “Can You Be More Pacific?” coming before it. This mainly involves the transposition of the silver fish and hummingbird hovering directly above it there, but also bear in mind that the dart in the letter to the left is suppose to be the same as the several darts stuck in Peanut’s body in that earlier work. And the darts are the same color as the green-blue hummingbird with dart-like beak in the present collage.


This is all more “12 Oz Mouse” imagery, with the letter opened by Fitz near the beginning of an early episode called “Rooster” and where the whacked out plot line of the show really begins to kick in. As soon as Fitz reads it, he’s hit by a dart, as if his mind manifests the events of the show. And it kind of does (!), since 12 Oz Mouse creator Matt Maiellaro provided the voice of Fitz and begins to “ensoul” the character at this point. Maiellaro, probably best known as the co-creator of cult hit “Aqua Teen Hunger Force” (also frequently mentioned on this blog), illuminates more details of his growing involvement with this newer and even stranger follow-up show here:

[“12 Oz Mouse”] actually started out as a disjointed humor-fest, but maybe only to me. I thought the show might stand alone in episodes, like “Aqua Teen.” As I was finishing the pilot and starting the second episode, I snapped into the serial thing. It somehow made sense that if what we saw didn’t make sense, there should be some sense to it. If I introduce this new character at the end of [episode] one that we know nothing about, then we need to explore who this character is and what he wants [in the next episode]. It was by the end of [episode] two that I started mapping out this grid of characters and figuring out who was bad, who was good, and who might have been bad once but is now still in the middle. Then, even from there, I didn’t quite know where the show was going, but I knew how it was supposed to ultimately end – which is not how we ended it with episode 20.

So “Rooster” is the first episode of “12 Oz Mouse” where Maiellaro has this “grid of characters” mapped out to aid him. An elaborate mystery begins to unfurl, but we also known from his quote above that it will not tie up the way he originally envisioned. More on this “unfinished” aspect of the show later, perhaps. Seemingly at the center is Q109, possibly a federal agency that Fitz and also the episode’s namesake character Roostre were a part of at one time.

I don’t want to go into great detail about what happens in “Rooster” except to mention that a stray, sentient *corndog* originally leads Fitz to Roostre. And I’ll just briefly mention that this connection is shown in Carrcass-1 too. In the troughs of developing that particular audiovisual synchronicity back in 2008, I associate Fitz hit by a dart in “Rooster” with president Rutherford B. Hayes’ grandson driving boats named darts into Mouse Island on the Baker Blinker Blog, a Lake Erie island which the Hayes family still owned into the 20th Century.

One of Admiral Webb C. Hayes’ sons off Lake Erie’s Mouse Island in a Dart Boat, ca. 1929
(Hayes Family Album)

And besides being a green oval like both the torso and head of Fitz’s body, doesn’t Mouse Island also look like a *corndog*? I thought so at the time…


But the clincher is that Roostre later states to a character called Spider that he knows “Booger Hayes” during one of the funniest moments of the whole series. “B. Hayes”, just like Rutherford B. Hayes. The plot thickens.

(to be continued)

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