Whitehead Crossing, 01/01/16

I returned to Whitehead Crossing on Fri., following up on a visit the previous day already chronicled in this blog. I began to look anew at *everything* in the area. For example, is there something odd, or “beyond the natural”, about this cluster of tree trunks tucked in a western corner of the area? It’s a strange looking tangle.


And what about this grouping of ribbed, low rocks nearby? Both of these border what I’ve called Rock’s Meadow before, named after the toy avatar that stars in Gene Fade’s projected movie “Fade to Moss” (When will it come out? *When* will it come out?!). Rock Meadows, the avatar in question, supposedly found a slipper belonging to his creator Sinclair The Maker next to these rocks. Also, as I’m recalling, these are called Rock’s Rocks, which makes them redundant.


Rock’s Grave, another possibly unordinary object in The Crossing. Add it to the list. The odd thing is that it almost appears to float, since it is much narrower at ground level than at the top.


Dead, red tree also at the edge of Rock’s Meadow. Appears to have a precisely rectangular chuck of it removed from this angle. But who did the removing? Nature? Let’s hope so.


I was thinking about how one could call some of the queer things I’d already encountered this day in Whitehead X-ing “unnatural art” (and I was only at the western edge!) when I turned around in my tracks and saw this. When I thought about it more it became quite scary. This could be art, but perhaps not in a healthy way. But since humans obviously broke many branches to construct a stupid teepee this past summer in The Crossing, this could be their doings. Stupid humans.


Another odd thing projecting from the ground — a flat piece of tree bark (front of dark tree). I tested it and found the bark to be firmly in the ground. Did someone *shove* it in, then. Again humans could be responsible. But also maybe not. It’s becoming more and more difficult to tell in oddity laden Whitehead Crossing.


Projecting object from the side, along with neighboring Directional Rock.


Is there something peculiar about these sprouts growing from a tree bordering Whitehead Brook? Probably not, but…


Closeup of Edward’s Stone situated above Little Whitehead.


Head of Little Whitehead, or its source, at least for today. I’ve never seen the stream come up this far, and, again, it’s rained heavily at times in Blue Mountain the past couple of weeks. No real mystery there. But check out the water line of the pool making up this source. Are you having a bit of trouble telling where the water ends and the air begins from this angle? If you’re confused, notice that the twig bending along the wall of the pool marks the exact line of this transition. Another freak’n optical illusion.


Tree bordering the Comtemplation Loop. Interesting roots.


I believe these plants might have sprouted due to the extremely warm winter weather we’ve been experiencing. Destined to die soon, poor little things.


And then another shot of the stick above Owl Rock already talked about in the recent “Whitehead Crossing, 12/31/15 03” post. Actually, this day I had a harder time making out the Owl Face in the middle of the namesake rock, perhaps because it was cloudy instead of sunny. If I had discovered it the day after I did, I would have passed it by, not noting the obvious oddity. Perhaps odd in itself that it appeared one day and not the next. Again… who knows with this wacky place (!)


I’ll have another batch of Whitehead Crossing photos to post soon. And also some deeper ideas to write out, I’m guessing.

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