Whitehead Crossing, 12/31/15 03

And here is Owl Rock itself below the wedged stick, illuminated by a flash from my camera. The important thing to notice here is the center. To me, an image pretty clearly emerges from it which I will call the Owl Man. A closer look at it can be found in the Owl Rock post just above, along with the closest online lookalike I could find, from Mike Clelland’s Hidden Experience blog. Then in researching his blog a bit more later on, found out he had just published *a book on Owl coincidences*. Hmmm. I soon detected several blocks of information merging here at this stone and its perceived, queer center.


Moss on Grey Rock further north. No oddities here to report — just a nice image.


Grey Seal with Grey Rock and topping or capping Seal Stone. Owl Rock is behind the larger tree closest to Grey Rock.


The Green Turtle formation, known about for a number of years now LINK. Another classic Crossing oddity.


Head of Little Whitehead stream. It’s unusual to find the source of the stream so far up; as I’ve stated before, it’s rained quite heavily at times lately in Blue Mountain.


Looking down the length of Little Whitehead from near its source.


Green Turtle again. So green!


Moving above the formation, it starts looking more like a parrot than a turtle.


In the same rock grouping is found what *might* be Edward’s Stone, and featured in another Falmouth collage (Falmouth 56).


Whitehead Brook tumbling on the opposite side of the Emerald Ridge from Little Whitehead.



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