No it was not a dream or an hallucination. Furry Karl had really left town with his cousin Crash to fish on the coast. The ancient Mr. Low was still in the pool outside the bar, staring with those horrible eyes at every passerby. *The Master* had made his evil lair up there in Collagesity Heights — Baker Blinker was practically his slave (again) already. It was all leading up to this, both this blog and the old Baker Blinker Blog. Those Ancients had taken over the air, the water. Soon all land would surely follow.

Luckily Baker Bloch had been studying the center of the tetraptych again on the main floor of the Red Umbrella. That vortex he stares at below strongly reminded him of a picture from the blog his user, me, inserted concerning “Uncle Meatwad” about a week ago now.


Here’s the post he’s thinking back to, and the picture:

He goes over to look at his double to the right in the tetraptych. Same size… exactly it seemed. It was as if he could sit in the same position and actually enter the reality of the collage, which was a streetview of Middletown, USA, the wife and I’s future home, most likely. Future reality, then.


Baker goes over to the gallery’s teleporter. The same swirl, the same type of vortex.


Through it he visits each of the 5 legitimate galleries in Collagesity. Below he teleports out of the Power Tower.


What he gets out of this zigzag of visits is that each gallery has that map of Jasper County, Illinois in it, with different towns and villages highlighted. Jasper must be the vortex, he realized! Jasper and Newton together, somehow activating the whole thing. The taijitu again. Karl would like that.

He returns to the Red Umbrella after the tour, and the central vortex. Something had happened in the meantime. Something had been activated. It was the 5 part visit, drawing a complete pentagram. Now he was on a higher octave. Now he was buzzing like a bee again. Angelic.


The vortex was growing…


… and then took him in.



Baker Blinker was again in charge of my virtual family. She had no choice but to step into the open void as black hole begat black hole.

Baker Blinker emails the rest of the town about Baker Bloch’s disappearance, and the takeover by Ancients. She had much freedom work to do ahead of her. But first, The Master needs more popcorn.


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