Uncle Meatwad Too

Spongeberg wanted to hear the involved album, so we figured out a way to pipe it into the gazebo. I told him it was my favorite Firesign Theatre album. “Everything You Know Is Wrong” is the name. He listened intently. I was hoping he was remembering the parts I used in “Uncle Meatwad”. Everything hinges on this, I repeat to myself. Don’t goof it up!

He was disappointed that the “Egypt” segment wasn’t on this album. I told him it was on one of their earlier works, called “How Can You Be In 2 Places…” He didn’t seem to want to hear that particular album, and I was relieved. I told him *all* the middle part used “Everything” instead. It was only the 1st and 3rd parts of “Uncle Meatwad”, the *mirrored* parts, that used a little of “2 Places”. He nodded his head. “So this is the important one,” he stated. “I suppose so,” I replied. “This is the middle, the hole in the middle.”

“It’s what we have to discuss,” Carrcassonnee then adds. “This zero, this null. What to plant within. Because there is work to be done still.”


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