It was the worst thing she could do. Wander into the woods and begin to daydream. The forest did that to people. That’s why Furry Karl shot the trees full of holes. That’s why the certain tales were told of a former trippy rock star named Sid or Syd haunting the place and singing wildly out of tune songs on the darkest of nights. She spied a spirit from the edge of Collagesity, yes, a white haze. But through distance viewing she saw it was a woman like herself. She admired the large, shiny earrings the person wore. She wanted to know more about them. She *had* to know more. And so she entered… and forgot.

The Master ran out of popcorn and fizzy drink. This activated something inside him. He remembered he could walk around. It was the worst thing. He waddled to the side of Collagesity Heights and fell off, landing with a thud on the ground below. But he was okay! He got up, dusted himself off with his stubby yellow arms, and started sashaying toward the woods. He was suddenly remembering all kinds of things…


… like there was this little red man named Lockfry trapped inside him who had the same weirdo father. “Cool”, he thought. “A little bro boy inside who walks me around like a reverse dog. I don’t have to do anything except to desire it. And I desire buttered popcorn and syrupy cola!”


The Master high fived a suddenly manifesting Ancient on the other side of Central Pool as he rounded the last corner before the straightway toward the woods. Because he knew she was out there. Lockfry had told him. Lockfry controlled everything.


“Wake up out there, Master needs you!”


The voice was like a chainsaw cutting through her trance. What had she done?!

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