“Carr, I only have a little time for you, but I thought we’d catch up. I know we didn’t get started again on exactly the right foot but I’ll go more with the flow now. It’s just that I’m so *busy*, relatively speaking.”


Relatively speaking to what?

Baker Blinker:

Other avatars I suppose.


Karoz Blogger was set to work days at the Bodega market and nights at the Hole in the Wall bar — until Karl came back, let’s say. He really *did* go away, you know.


Hmm. I suppose you’re right. Everyone has busy lives in their own way. Even those that work a job and then come home and watch football or baseball.


Everyone has their own schedule. And I know everyone is getting use to *you* being in charge over there.


Yeah, Space Ghost, Baker Bloch’s father of course, came in yesterday all like, “Where’s my son? What did you do to my son??” and then after 20 minutes I had him eating out of the palm of my hand, tee hee.


You have a way with people, a charm. I had that when I was younger, in my naughts as I called them. When I reached 100 I noticed my first tiny wrinkle on my beautiful olive skin. And it went on from there. That was many body lifts ago. But don’t I look marvelous for 415!


BB (looking her over better):

You do! And then I’m taking care of Karoz now. He should be mended in a day or two.


Another eating out of hand situation.


Well, he has that *look* when he sees me come in the house. I don’t guess he’s that retarded all the time.




But I think you’re going to say: This can’t last. It’s not good for you to be all the way out here on Nautilus City island and away from your people. The town needs you.


Yes, precisely what I was going to say. Don’t get too complacent about the situation. Obviously you’re still a slave to The Master upstairs in his penthouse digs. That’s not right. You must be free, and you must free Baker Bloch from the vortex. Everyone will forget about him soon as they keep turning to you for help instead. They’ll run you in the ground.


I’m tougher than I look.


Oh you’re tough. So what are you going to do about it? You start and then I’ll go.


Well, I suppose we have to… I don’t really know to be honest. I can just see myself getting wore out quick. I’ll have a nervous breakdown soon!


No, the situation can’t last. Have you seen Spongeberg by chance? He’s a wild card in all this, perhaps *the* wild card. A rook card (Carr. smiles)


No, I haven’t. So what’s the plan? Spill the beans.


Interesting expresso expression. Get Karoz to help you with the “Uncle Meatwad” list. We’ll go from there. Teleport over here every 3 or 4 days if you can. We’ll leave it at that. And: good luck sweetie!

(Carrcassonnee’s eye winks off. Baker Blinker thinks to herself that she’s conserving energy now. She doesn’t have nearly as much of it since she’s separated from the town and the people. “I’ve got to get her back,” Baker says.)

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