Karoz thought, what the heck, and went outside, inserted the quarter, and dialed Baker Blinker’s cell phone number from the payphone beside the door. But it did nothing except ring itself, as in a perpetual loop. After throwing the receiver down in renewed frustration and starting to head back through the door to complain to Dr. Mulholland, Karoz saw colored shapes in the distance beyond the passageway leading into the moon’s interior.


It turned out to be a vegetable garden that had magically appeared in the span of a couple hours tops. No way he could have missed this before.


“You have your peppers, your beets, your tomatoes… lettuce. All the ingredients necessary for a delicious salad to complement your fish din dins.” It was wheelchair bound John Lockfry again, approaching from behind. “Magically sprung from the suddenly fertile soil of our little moon. A miracle. All because of a simple desire, a simple wish: “I wish I had a nice salad to complement this sushi. Then it would be perfect.” You remember saying that? And now it is so. That, my friend, is the power of this moon. A demonstration. You give and it gives in return, like a positive master.”

Karoz remained unimpressed. “It didn’t let me ring up Baker Blinker. It’s not letting me *off of itself*.”


“That is more difficult, my friend. You and Baker Blinker need to be separate presently. And Dr. Mulholland didn’t know about the phone. She upstairs right now sobbing into the bed sheets because of it. She dislikes true love being dampened. She is such a softie underneath that hard, exterior shell. You should see her at weddings. And we stopped going to funerals long ago. Luckily nothing dies here on the moon. It’s all recycled over and over. That’s another advantage[ of being here].”

Karoz was looking around him, distracted. “Why is it so bright all of a sudden?”

“Solar flare,” explained John Lockfry. “Enjoy the light while it’s here.”

“And where’s your *Bendy*?”

“Darnit!” said John Lockfry, examining his now Bendy-less shoulder. “We got too close. He must have made a jump for it again. Oh well, let’s go look. It’s just beyond that rock over there.” He cussed again.

By the time they reached the vantage point pictured below, the sky was darkening again, giving them a clear view of the bright object formerly hidden behind a wide rock on the edge of the moon.


“What is it?” Karoz asked, truly dazzled by the sight of the rapidly spinning asteriod.

“It’s the moon of the moon, the moon’s pet, as it were. Like Bendy is my pet. This is his original homeland.”

“The moon of the moon,” Karoz echoed as he turned around in his tracks to take another gander at the blue cube of Second Life.


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