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Tronesisia sits out of the way on the docks so that Baker Bloch can get a shot of “pipe alley”, leading to the doctor. He suspects this may be the Dr. of “Lamb”….

But then Baker Bloch changes his mind and has Tronesisia interact with this so-called doctor, who turns out to be an old friend: Dr. Diper, who helped her (and her parents) out immensely when she was a mere baby. Before she became, well, robotic. Gynoidic.

“It’s so so good to see you old friend,” he began, instantly recognizing his work. Perhaps his greatest work.

“Likewise Dr. Wiper!” cheered Tronesisia, just glad to be in a scene again.

“Diper,” corrected the doctor. “But we’re both grown up now. Call me…”

“Peter?” Tronesisia guessed. Yes. It was Peter. One of ’em.

Clanking within. The doctor was working on another case. Another Peter.

“It wasn’t going to hurt me,” he practiced, and then swiped his bloodied knife in front of him again, a built-in reflex action.

“Good, good,” the tv doctor cooed. “*Why* wasn’t it going to hurt you?”

Jack appeared beside him. Glowering. “Yeah, *John*. Why???”

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“It was always going to be you and me, babe,” spoke robot Bendy from the couch. “And Alberta here too, I guess. What’s he hunting today?”

“Shellfish,” answers mergirl Prissy from her stand.

But Alberta’s greater passion was providing equipment for journeys into the center of the Earth. He waits patiently for his master Dr. Mulholland to finish her ride.

Er… his ride. This may take longer than expected.


“We’re outta here Jack.”

Jack manifests who he really is. “Goodbye Bendy my old friend. Safe journeys.”

“Hold on to your seat Fisher! HERE WE GO!”

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World, The

“No, she just prefers Nautilus to here. Nautilus is her, eh, *natural* environment. That’s why she wanted to move Collagesity. Nothing against Heterocera or Rubi or The Woods.”

“That’s reassuring,” confessed Baker Bloch. “She is a dancer.”

“She is *The World,*” John Lockfry 02 reassured him. “She [through Nautilus] is the endpoint of the alchemical process, the philosopher’s stone. Red Violin and Golden Sphere. What is World reversed, then? Well, it is here. Collagesity. That’s what Karoz was talking about.”

“What’s the correct choice going forward?”

“Associate her directly with Nautilus moving forward. BoB, but all of Nautilus really. It’s World of Lemon moving forward. Boxed and ready for motion.”


But what of TILE, I ask?


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“Sorry about all the construction noise going on tonight, Furry Karl.”

“Ahh, I’m getting use to it. Midday my whole bar even sunk about 2 feet into the ground. Quite a jolt! Then I go upstairs and the walls are being sawed in half. A new entrance into Starbuccaneers forms. Then I come back down and the portal ’round back has turned orange. And Starbuccarina still stands within! What gives? Is she alive or dead? I almost rung up your father to tell him the news. Then it occurred to me that Starbuccarina back there may be a ghost. I can pass right through her now. Before she was solid. Right?”

“Right, Karl,” Baker Bloch replies. “I don’t know. A great clearing has formed. The headwaters of Confluence Stream are now exposed again. Gallery Jack has disappeared. SoSo is on one side, and that’s now the main portal into the Art 10×10.”

“Those darn, old collages, Baker Bloch. They’ve caused Collagesity a lot of problems lately. Why don’t you just get rid of them. Virtually speaking of course. ‘Nother beer?”

“Sure. We may be ready now for the next step. Are the visitors still coming through the Portal? Since it’s still here? Or is the whole turning orange thing sealed that part up or sumtin?”

“Dunno,” came the answer. “So those 100 collages are still over near the Kerchal Forest? Is that what you mean?”

“Yes Karl.” Karl pops him another Heinny. “Thanks Karl.” He takes a good gulp. “Where is everyone today? Getting away from the construction hub bub?”

“Karoz said something about testing the woods,” replies Karl. “Baker Blinker is down at Gloomy Gus typing away on her semi-private journal. She let me proofread the latest section, me being a published writer myself and all.”

“Yes.” Baker looks down into his beer.

“Pretty good, pretty interesting. Did you know Wheeler was just a kidd?”

“Yes, I know that.”

“Not a man, all grown up. She’s missing the M and the N, just like the Kidd Tower. While she’s in that tower she’s just a kidd. And elsewhere as well. She is a time portal. Kinda like Dr. Who.”

“Doctor who?” Baker then laughs. “Yeah, I know Dr. Who. The carrcasses — he’s in several. Carrcassonnee knows him quite well. They hang.”

“Isn’t that Dr. Mulholland sorta Dr. Who, Baker Bloch? I recall that.”


Only 15 minutes later, Dr. Mulholland himself — as John Lockfry 02 — arrived at the bar, but came in at a diagonal and went into the back passageway instead.

“Ma’am, can you tell me the way to Karl’s bar?”

She didn’t answer, but John Lockfry 02 was star struck. What a beautiful girl, he thought. But then he remembered he was technically dating Wheeler, and that’s what he wanted to talk to someone about tonight. The town bar seemed a good place to start a chat about it. Many rumors were swirling around town about the nature of Wheeler. He wanted to explain.

“Whoever that is back there, the bar is over here,” Karl then shouted through the wall. Just head away from the orange door. Think Twin Peaks.”

“That’s an obscure reference, Karl,” Baker Bloch responds. Then John Lockfry was at the bar.

“Well. Here I am.” He laughs long and hard.


“Great,” says Karl to Baker. “Another dick.”

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The jumps in time have essentially ended for John Lockfry 02. He stares into the Rubi Woods, wondering why. And where is the wife? It’s not as important a question now. He senses a lack, an absence. Something has happened. Hanover.


Baker Bloch has reinserted the Home o’ Fibs into the northwest corner of town. But is he really this Wilson fellow now? Who can tell?! I hear that Wilson has purchased the non-transferable blackbird to make them essentially identical in appearance. Transformation complete.


And rain has also returned to Collagesity, at least the part around Confluence Pool. JL2 contemplates this reinstatement too. It all seems to fit together somehow; leading up to a celebration, he senses.


Someone is coming. Someone is here!


But it’s way too early for him/her. Isn’t it??


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John Lockfry 02 suddenly finds himself in a strange place: home.


The door was missing, then, after a reboot, merely closed. He opens it to find that central cube again. Oh the magic of Second Life.







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Another Jorondip Mystery…

Baker Bloch examines the Wanderlust wall to make sure his ad for the Edwardston Station Gallery and its Art 10×10 is still there. *Not* replaced by an imaginary wrestling ad… phew!


Then Baker Bloch has a hunch. He teleports into the very center of the Jorondip sim already featured a number of times recently on this blog…

… but in the action, changes over into John Lockfry 02, standing against the middle of a yellow sign that reads: “What happens in the garage stays in the garage”.

He sticks his hand through the sign and takes a picture from the other side….


Just as he thought: the middle of the 10×10. This is the 10×10 again!


The next thing he knows he’s beating the crap out of a nearby punching bag.


He’d seen another avatar doing the same a couple of days back. He suspects it may be this legendary Quito who is now building a roller coaster in the same sim. Quito Doggerland.

The bag has won this time.


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