Bumm’n Around

My new artsy neighbor Art is cooking up something on her property next to Collagesity. I’ll get back to that…


Baker’s still pondering what to do with his empty parcel on the opposite side of town, the Friends of the Rubi Forest one. Interesting balance.


Then it’s over to BoB again to pose with a mental patient. Halloween isn’t far away! I love that holiday.


BoB’s Crescent House is officially outta here, replaced with this similarly sized rectangular structure. The involved parcel has been bought. So much for Collagesity in BoB, it seems.



Baker was hopping around land parcels for sale through Lama Estates (as he sometimes does) and logs out right after encountering this blue cube in Varano on the Nautilus continent which appears very much like the one in Lynch’s Mulholland Drive movie. To reinforce its presence, when I log him back in the next time, the cube looms before Baker as he manifests. This *must* mean something, he rationalizes.


It’s actually more of a box than a cube, but Baker couldn’t originally tell this from his position below it.


I aid him by digging up online pics of the Mulholland Drive cube. The similarity is obvious. What was found inside? More BoB stuff, but the parcel was banned.

As Baker is looking at it again for the purposes of writing this text, it appears the doubling of the Mulholland Dr. cube’s keyhole is completely accidental, involving a projection of the back of a slightly off-angle tv screen within. I think this fact may be odder than if someone did the effect on purpose. Just look at the similarity! SIGN. You can check the thing out here if you wish (look east).


Back to BoB for this picture of Baker Bloch posing between two blue women figures. But of course this could be Wilson again instead. And in reality, it is.


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