Just us two is fine. You are taking over. You *have* taken over. Invasion of the body snatchers. I know you.


No you don’t.


Yes I do. State your questions sir.


Carr. and Baker Bloch Wilson talked for quite some time. Carr. explained that Baker was going through a different development than before. Karoz and Baker Blinker changed all that. Collagesity became permanent. Yes, I guess that’s maybe true, perhaps not in the sense that My Second Lyfe will always be around but that the virtual town will always be here. In some form… beyond just a collection of galleries. And that’s what they had to talk about: TILE. Carrcassonnee next brought in Karoz and Baker Blinker.




You look simply radiant tonight Other Baker. What do you think Karoz?




And what about you? Do you feel… radiant? You don’t look radiant.


He’s working on it. *We’re* working on it.


But it’s absolutely very good that you are working on TILE now Karoz, at least. For that is the important point now. I to E to T to L. Never forget that. But your training won’t allow it. How’s Blue Feather Douglas doing over there in his pyramid at Crabwoo by the by?


Oh I haven’t spoken to him in many years.


Perhaps he’s dead.


No, I would have heard about it. We all would.


And Devil Dave. He’s left the scene, but he could return. He could renew the rivalry for Baker Blinker’s hand. You better think about that.


I have.


Well, I think we need to work on those changes.


So Carr. chastised Karoz a bit for not putting much effort into changing his appearance from standard default grass texture. “Look at John Lockfry 02 over there,” states Carr. “Handsome devil. And now he’s dating Wheeler, luckey girl.” Karoz was thinking something different. Baker Blinker then admits she’s a bit jealous of Wheeler. “But not like Dr. Mulholland before her,” responds Carr. “You had quite the rivalry. But not for Karoz.” “No,” she admits. “Just…” “Just what?” Carr. queries. “She stole my purse!” Baker exclaims. “No,” replies Carr. “*There’s* your purse. You see, you didn’t lose it at all. Dr. Mulholland has — *had* — a different purse, two different purses in fact. Wheeler also has two now. But there’s your one white one, spinning around like a rotisserie chicken. You better figure that out.” “Curse purse,” Karoz then says.





It’s Baker Blinker that holds it all together. Collagesity goes as she goes. She and Karoz.

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