Around Lower Austra 02

John Lockfry 02 reported back to me yesterday that the small Baddest cemetery with so many interesting angles of investigation has simply disappeared into thin air in the meantime. I suspected this would happen, however, since the graveyard existed on abandoned land at the time. It may take up to a week or two for objects to be returned to you after abandoning land, but it will happen. Things have changed from olden days. Still I was able to snap some pictures before the deletion. The cemetery, in death, still remains fresh and pertinent for continued BoBylon research. We will most likely come back to it for more *meaning*.


Lockfry 02 then flies over to nearby Mystenopolis, where he meets up with Spongeberg Resident. Spongeberg notes that Lockfry has arrived Christ-like, with arms extended.


They sit in Spongeberg’s Magic Square of 12×12 and discuss recent Bobylon developments. Spongeberg reinforces to John that he can come here for refuge any time he likes, thinking back specifically to the faune as he glances over his shoulder. “An-y time,” he repeats again.


Meanwhile Baker Bloch is being attacked by a sentient pumpkin over in Asha on the Corsica continent, another old hangout.


Dodging the nuisance, Baker then walks into one of the village’s small shops to discover this David Bowie painting.


Those eyes seem to follow me everywhere.


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