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John Lockfry 02 suddenly finds himself in a strange place: home.


The door was missing, then, after a reboot, merely closed. He opens it to find that central cube again. Oh the magic of Second Life.







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Baker Blinker looks toward her old Gloomy Gus home from beside the fused eucalyptus trees of D8 and E8, wondering if it has once again become her place of residence now that Baker Bloch has refurbished his Home Orange just up the hill. Many things are going on for what Karoz lovingly terms Other Baker recently. There’s the whole tag team wrestling scenario she’s managing — how did *that* all come about? Well, it’s protection, again. John Lockfry 02, let’s say, needed help dealing with his wife. And it could be a way to draw in money for the Collagesity family of avatars if she can turn a profit after an initial investment. At any rate, she has a role, an odd one on the surface but a role, just as Karoz Blogger urged her to have in the town. She’s also decided to take up writing her own version of a World of Lemon history, part and parcel of the managerial role. She understands more now, beyond Baker Bloch and the manly sphere of things. Speaking of which, I recently found out about what’s called a Bloch Sphere used in explaining the strange entanglement at the core of quantum computers (qubits). Baker Bloch is not named for the sphere.

Baker Blinker decides to pretend Gloomy Gus is her home again, since this is all make believe anyhoot. She moves the bed of the (former?) bedroom into the living room to make space for this classic Arcadia Asylum computer desk, along with a filing cabinet. A safe wouldn’t fit, so she deleted it. She sits down and stares into the woods.


Yes this will do nicely, she thinks. She begins to type.

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