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Bigfoot/Chesterton Early Early August

Plateau of Raw Art shots, once more…








… before moving to Chesterton. This day (yesterday as I’m writing this, or Sunday), I pretty firmly mapped out the segments of Second Road starting at The Bramble and moving south. Indicated by successive pine trees running down the forest road’s east side, there are indeed 14 of ’em, as I estimated earlier. Chesterton occupies the first 5, counting north to south like this. Here’s a rudimentary graphic of the results. What I call “blocked” segments that are clogged with fallen trees and branches are marked with a diagonal. I may have been missing one or two of these types in the non-Chesterton areas. Just as The Bramble effectively deters any visitors coming in from the north, so these blocked regions act as barriers for those attempting to move along the road starting from the south. Chesterton is very protected.


So with this mapping in place, we can understand the below shot comes from segment 1 of 14, or the top Chesterton segment. I’m tempting to even call these segments *sims*, but let’s hold off on that for a bit longer…


This is also from Segment 1: the wilted purple leaves appears like two beached fishes turned opposite ways, like the symbol for the astrological sign Pisces. They are found in the midst of that little “forest” taking up a fair chuck of Segment One.


Segment Two gives us what I’m calling Chesterton North. I really like the way the two monkeys both face the golden church bell between them — more inversed twinning, in fact.


That mysterious hole mentioned before LINK, appearing directly under Wireway 61 as it passed through Segment 3. This segment acts as a more empty connector between Chesterton North and Chesterton South. I’ll have to create a more detailed map soon.


This is a picture of an object from Segment 6, which *may* be the site of a camping spot in the future. My camping spot. Located immediately south of the “Chesterton Five”, it’s one of the most open segments, if not the most open, and I certainly have room to pitch some kind of tent there. But I’m going to keep poking around Bigfoot for possible alternatives in this direction.


Segment 9 and a landmark brick piece.


The south end of Second Road, or the beginning (south) of Segment 14. 2 rocks, one mossy and one bare, mark the position.


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