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BoB(ylon) Investigations 03

We then follow John Lockfry 02 back to the west side of BoB and the Jorondip sim, which has become a bit of a home away from home for Baker Bloch and family over the past several months. Granted, his larger of two squatter structures rezzed there has been deleted by the actual owner of the involved 512 square meter parcel a couple weeks back — more on that in a moment — but one still remains on a nearby, similar 512, a basically empty cottage containing one key object.

The below photo is of a neighboring house to all this, just up the hill but on banned property. Still, Lockry 02 found its sticky outie roof stuff — one blue and round, and the other brown and square — interesting and perhaps meaningful. And as I’m writing this, I realize, yes, this is Bogota again. Hints must be all over the area…


On the 512 with Baker Bloch’s cottage appears this purse. Well, it’s actually a bag, but Lockfry 02 seems to believe it’s really a representation of a purse. Like the Curse Purse passed between Baker Blinker and his wife near the first of June. About the time Baker rezzed his Jorondip structures, actually.


Also on the 512 is found this quite crazy display which appears to have once been a pony? At any rate, the eyeless head can be discerned (like a carved pumpkin again), but then there’s, according to the object’s description, a separate conglomeration containing a pink *nipple* which looks nothing like a nipple except in color maybe, atop an eye with green iris (another eye), atop an object that is suppose to be a pony’s leg. And then separate from these two is an ovoid prim that is supposedly a pony jaw. This is apparently rezzing gone wrong in the worse possible way. And why is a nipple here? JL2 marks it all down in his notes. He theorizes later that this is simply another representation of himself in blinded form.*



An aerial view of the 512, dominated by a epicentral wind generator.


A small woods on an adjacent 512 contains exactly 5 brown cypresses and 5 green cypresses, harking back to the Rubi Woods and its own equilibrium of same. Adding in the image from the fronting Plausible Body package, John Lockfry 02 guesses that this has something to do with balancing male and female energies. It’s like the eyes again, left and right. Open and closed, in effect. Bolded/italicized and regular/regular side by side, mixed into each other until you can’t tell the two apart. Even the geometric array of these 10 trees may contain information.


John Lockfry 02 decides it’s time to investigate Baker Bloch’s cottage.


A safe is found inside, the key object mentioned before. But JL2 has no key. What’s in it? Something as queer and disturbing as the completely warped pony just outside? Using remote viewing powers again, he finds that nothing is within. But there could have been at one time, and that’s what gnaws at him for a particular reason. Something has been removed? He knows this to be true.


He later realizes it’s a simple cubic plywood prim cryptically named “curvy female pony”, the default building block for all of Second Life as we know and understand it. This is the wife.


Another investigative hint coming from Quito’s Doggerland also in the Jorondip sim: a 10×10 array of photos…


… reminding John Lockfry 02 that a parallel event to this may be the removal of a similarly cubic Edwardston Station Gallery and its Art 10×10 from Collagesity. You can sense the absence when visiting, even if you don’t understand the particulars.



* A link found in the conglomeration: Meat Juices

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BoB(ylon) Investigations 02

Being reenergized without exactly knowing how, John Lockfry 02 continues down Lester’s Best’s main avenue after a right turn at the tower. He passes a cinema, but not much else — more empty stores. A solitary fig tree acts as the street’s only landscaping. He wonders how a basically deserted, sim sized town could still exist like this, but thinks back to Mystenopolis and the same quandry. Except LB is more large scale. It *must* be Lemon Lab taking back its own in some way.



Passing between two larger rocks brings Mr. Lockfry to this interesting park tucked in the very northeast corner of the sim (and the town). He’s quite drawn to this glowing kinetic sculpture that appears to be morphing into different shapes before his eyes.


But for some reason he doesn’t follow this up quite yet and returns to snapping photos of the residential area. He’s so use to filling in memory gaps that he takes it completely in stride.


An airplane has crashed into a house on the western side of LB, but with no damage inflicted that he could tell. More virtual magic.


And then here’s a photo from the fun fair occupying the northwest corner of town. If this is actually the namesake Lester of Lester’s Best, he reminds me of Jack Skellington from director Tim Burton’s “Nightmare Before Christmas”, except with an actual pumpkin for a head instead of a skeletal substitute. So this also brings in the resonance with Oz’s Jack Pumpkinhead, don’t you think.


Finally returning to the park, the now meditating and focused Lockfry 02 finds that he only has to wave his arms and the glow recedes from the centerpiece sculpture, revealing its internal structure. He has power, yes. More than he knows for certain.




As he keeps studying and staring at the sculpture from his cushion, he disappears inside it. His eyes becomes one focused pupil looking heavenward. He instantly also sees a choice. He can either keep the eye open, totally dilated and knowing the truth, or force it back into constriction and remain within his comfortable skin. Of course he has to pick the latter, but before moving away from this sacred space he takes a snapshot to remember it by. And he receives another name. This is *Bogota*.


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BoB(ylon) Investigations 01

John Lockfry 02 has come alive to this blog again. He’s made a new friend and received a message that his wife Dr. Mulholland sometimes visits the house below in an unspecified location, but directly linked to BoB(ylon) of the Nautilus continent nevertheless. The reason? Part of an attempt to resurrect the World of Lemons that came before the Limey Lindens. That’s apparently what BoB is all about — resurrection, resuscitation, renewal. But is this ultimately good? It’s a thing John Lockfry 02 wants to know as well.


With the below photos we move directly into present day BoB, whats left of it, to find perhaps a training compound inhabited by JL2’s wife called Little Finland. To train (body, thoughts, etc.) is to dig a little deeper into the here and now of the past. Make enough traces on top of an overlying piece of paper and what lies beneath becomes perceptible. Record enough shadows on a wall from different angles and the maker, piece by piece, bit by bit, starts to be revealed. This is the BoBylon aspect of BoB.


The below pictured beach is part of the compound. JL2 had to peer over a rock to get a clandestine photo. But still no signs of the wife, nor any other avatars.


He then became bolder, moving from the south this time through a small forest of flowering trees to find a tell tale waterfall. “Isn’t this the falls blog editor Baker Bloch connected to Astra a while back?” he thought. Like me, JL2 uses synchronicities to channel his thinking in certain, focused directions. The two swans, almost two-headed from this angle, reflect the twinning of the cascades looming above and between them. Perspective.


He returns to the forest, and spies the opening. His internal lemony goodness meter begins to sound off. Recent activity. The wife has been here (tremble). Falls resonate; falls indicate. He “receives” a certain name: Wilson. “Wilson?” JL2 understands he’ll need the right type of sewing machine to stitch proper pieces together in a crazy quilt situation. But he has an important piece now. Wilson-Wheeler is a two headed coin with no tails specified. He’s quite warm in a game of hide and seek, perhaps even hot. But, as usual, he backs off from the truth at the last possible moment. It’s all back and forth still with no Tom Kite middle game. Outfits, male and female alike, remain wrinkled and loopy.


The well trained schultz sheep see/hear nothing.


He then uses distant view to scan a larger house flying the Finland flag on adjacent, private property. Is it the residence of Wilson? Is this perhaps even his picture hanging on one of its walls? Turns out John Lockfry 02 is not as warm now.


Next investigative stop: Lester’s Best, on the east side of Former BoB this time and not the west. LB could be called an old school Second Life village, since it’s been around since at least 2009 by my counting (when I first stumbled upon it). And that’s the advantage here, Lemony activity being more easily detectable due to age. Much like Mystenopolis before it. What did JL2 find here? Well, a good number of similar looking residential houses, all vacant as far as he could tell…


… and then a downtown region with a lot of boarded up businesses but still with a certain, empty mainland style charm. Train tracks link all the different bits and pieces of the sim-sized berg. But the former train is now off the track. Microcosm.


Afterwards he wouldn’t remember eating lunch at the rotating diner atop the town’s landmark tower, but he did anyway. And memories about a certain house have also disappeared down the rabbit hole. He *senses* them but cannot see/hear. He is Helen Keller unable to hear the new 1924 Wilson Dam Falls from her Tuscumbia home, let alone damn Wheeler considerably further off. But in a loopy plane, Wheeler could be just as close and Wilson just as far. Where’s that singing sewing machine!


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