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Jorondip Again 03

Baker Bloch reexamines another BoB/Jorondip place John Lockfry 02 checked out earlier in August, but finds no additional clues, he feels.





I know considerably more about the Jorondip sim since taking these pics only a couple of days back.





I know that John Lockfry knows about these 2 eyes and what they mean. And just after that, he found out it might not mean all that much, thanks to Wilson. We have another two headed Wilson-Wheeler situation going on here. Who’s on first? What’s on second? Where’s my road map?!

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Jorondip Again 02

More cats awaited Baker outside the garage. At least some of them were present during the family’s last trip, according to photos from previous posts. But the one in almost the exact center of the sim — quantum cat as we’ll term him or her — was definitely not there. Here’s a comparison picture with John Lockfry 02 showing an empty table from, at the most, 3 or 4 days before. JL2 stayed at that location long enough for the cat to appear, since I took a number of photos trying to get his hand just right in projecting through the yellow sign to the other side with the 10×10 collage of pictures. But nothing else in the immediate area had changed.



Baker Bloch does some exercising on a mat that JL2 didn’t spot during his several visits to the garage. “No War Make Love” is an interesting sign to hang above it.


Another cat I *did* know about before advertises the involved parcel next to Route 14. And as I’m now recalling, about 3 1/2 years back, when I first really explored the sims around Jorondip that I now call BoB, I ran into a posse of cats somewhere near here, but not from Quito’s bunch, since he seemed to have only arrived in the sim the past year and a half according to parcel descriptions. I recorded the encounter in the Baker Blinker Blog at the time. Oh, very nice, I actually dropped a slurl into that post. So it’s right up the hill from the garage, and still on Quito’s land where he just built a nifty roller coaster. So maybe those were Quito’s cats back then as well — seems a little too coincidental that they’re on his land, once more, and since he appears to love cats so much.


In that post I also mentioned the tall white windmill still standing on that oh so notable 512 parcel just above Quito’s garage. And that’s where Baker headed next, to scout out another oddity there as well. And as Baker Bloch is checking behind himself tonight, he spies Quito himself standing next to the start of his roller coaster. Both men stare at each other — Baker could just *ask* Quito about all the cats I’ve mentioned, including the ones from the past. But he’s so darn shy and introverted. Gosh, where’d he get that trait?

Well, Baker Bloch decides to message Quito just up the hill, giving him a link to this post. Wonder what he will think of it??

Ahh… he smiles. 🙂 Observer and observed have interacted.


Baker Bloch’s cabin is now gone, but all else on this 512 parcel remains, including the safe formerly within the structure. Why delete just the cottage and not all this cluttery mess around it? Oh, I guess the owner did get rid of the ugly couch Baker had inside the cottage, as I’m checking.

Baker Bloch’s safe remains here (is safe) while just several days later Baker Blinker’s safe disappears inside Gloomy Gus. Are these two identical objects also quantumly entangled (along with the accompanying buildings)?? It’s a question to be asking.

More on Jorondip soon enough!


But for now, we again move just uphill into the Qinsa sim west of Jorondip to make some additional observations on the house John Lockfry 02 investigated in early August. Again, changes have been made: the two rooftop objects JL2 noted at the time have now been moved to the ground in front of the house.


More cats within. This parcel is not owned by Quito, but instead a Japanese user.


More queerness lies inside — I shall return here as well…


Meanwhile, Baker is still exercising down at the Doggerland garage while snapping area pictures using remote viewing.


The aforementioned roller coaster.


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Jorondip Again 01

Baker Bloch in an unremembered location surrounded by books. Our kind of place!


Bodega Bay still has some interesting things going on — like this Nautilus City themed house perched on a rocky ledge. Salazar Jack will not be forgotten.


The male Baker has decided that Home Orange is his true residence in Collagesity, not Gloomy Gus, the attic of the Norum College or anywhere else in town. This is a good decision, I feel, and will move his family forward in a positive manner.


Inside his home. He doesn’t plan a lot of remodeling, I don’t think. But perhaps he has things up his sleeve he’s not letting me in on. Because I’m writing this text several days after publishing the pictures, I at least know that he’s upped his cable subscription from free (static channel only) to basic (5 channels, including one he was really excited about that plays all 170 episodes of beloved 60’s sitcom Green Acres in a continual loop).


View from his 2nd floor study.



After messing about Home Orange a bit, he decides to teleport over to Jorondip again and see what’s new, if anything. And Jorondip, once more, didn’t disappoint. A *shape* had manifest right beside the centerspot of the sim since the family’s last visit several days back. More correctly, it was a sphere that turned into a cat which kept popping in and out of reality, seemingly. Obvious connections going on with Shroedinger’s famed quantum feline, then, although that association wasn’t intended by whoever placed it here in all likelihood. It is for the family’s eyes only, and now you, dear reader, once more.



In — cat shaped locked in now.




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