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Chesterton Spectacle

“The Chesterton residents don’t know exactly what the wireways were, Carrcassonnee. They understand it was some kind of transporation device, and probably for those nuts and washes still found on it north of Chesterton North.”


North North.


Yeah. But all that *predates* the coming of the train track and the toy avatars. *Metallic* beings lived here before.


The train track is metal. Perhaps the train[ track] knows.


It does did parallel Wireway 61 in several places, especially in a section between Chesterton North and South where the brown pipe is.



Thank you. Let me put on my reading spectacle.


Amazing Carrcassonnee. Didn’t know you had one of those.


When have you seen me read anything?


Never, I suppose.

Carr. (studying):

Ah, yes. And that’s where the hole formed as well?




Well there you are.


Hmm. I wonder how long I should leave up the toys?


I think[ the washers and nuts] were robots. They might have created something similar in Whitehead Crossroads.

bb. (correcting):

Crossing. How?


2989 comes to mind. Spider knows.


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Bigfoot/Chesterton Late Late July

Although the Chesterton art event has reached its climax, Bigfoot visits continue, and will likely do so until the leaves fall off sometime around mid October. After that my hiking focus will shift to a broader woods palette, as they open up with the functional eradication of poison ivy, snakes, insects, and other warm weather deterrents.

I visited both Bigfoot and Whitehead Crossing today, new and old foci. I was amazed how *quiet* Whitehead Crossing seems now after I’ve gotten use to the city noise surrounding Bigfoot. I like the latter better now, amazingly. Whitehead Xing is just not going to be a place for, especially, a summer art happening like I just accomplished at Bigfoot. Perhaps spring, perhaps fall, but not summer. And even if that, the event will take place within a narrower range. For one, I have no real junk to work with at The Crossing except for some old bottles. However I’m not opposed to making a more pure toy happening, say, at Big Island in Green Stream, something perhaps akin to the Sharieland toy event of 2013. LINK

But to today’s photos. Actually I decided to slip in the first photo below coming from about a week or two back now to start this post with another odditiy. When I went to Chesterton that day — and it was the day I brought in the Avon buildings sans chords for the first time — I found this melding of yellow and green leaves, effectively stuck together like with glue. Green on top, yellow on the bottom. This seemed to be reference to the concept of Greenup/yellow down that I’ve written about at various places on this blog, and most recently in this Second Life related post.


Compare the above photo with the one inserted at the end of that late June post:


Actually, I think I’ll come back to that whole scene, which involves a weird melding of First or Real Life and Second Life influences. It could be that *real* (green) trumps *virtual* or non-real (yellow) through the Chesterton art event as a whole. The true happening kicked into gear right after I created that June post. Second Life related posts have basically been set aside since then.

Another, more recent possible oddity is pictured below. A number of mysterious holes, with pine needles seemingly twirled around in a circle, have formed in Chesterton since my last visit several days back now. The photo below shows what seems to be the largest example of such, occurring almost directly below Wireway 61 between Chesterton North and South. Was some kind of creature *digging* into the needles? Maybe it’s my friend Mr. Weasel from the swamp, who may very well live somewhere in The Bramble just beyond and below Chesterton. Or maybe it is a raccoon. I don’t think deer can get through the tight branches of the pine forest here, so that seems to eliminate the possibility of hoof prints.


Many aspects of Chesterton, let alone Bigfoot as a whole, have yet to be illuminated for this blog, including this cluster of briar plants on Chesterton’s east side. I imagined Chesterton residents making them part of a park or walking trail…



… that would also include Second Hoop mentioned in this earlier post, which is now seemingly the *only* complete hoop within Chesterton, since First Hoop was broken near the start of its art happening. Second Hoop perhaps then became known simply as The Hoop, at least to biased Chesterton South avatars.

Second Hoop (foreground) with The Briars (background).

Also on Chesterton’s east side is found this rusty chair skeleton with Wireway 49 passing through it. A detached briar stem now crosses the wireway here as well.


Many toy avatars remain in both Chesterton North and South after the event’s climax and the removal of the train track. I had planned to put some inside Chesterton’s old pressure cooker today, or perhaps take them back to the house with me, but they seemed pretty happy overall where they were. Not sure how long this situation will last.


Monkeys on church and hill.

North of Chesterton North.

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Creativity Review



The Sunklands site plugs along! I am very fortunate to have such a creative center. I plan to retain it into the foreseeable future. No problems here.


This will always go hand in hand with the Sunklands web site now. I’ve been blogg’n for 8 1/2 years. I love it. One of the problems for someone looking in is the multitude of subject matter. There’s woodsy reality, there’s viritual living, there’s fiction… lots of stuff. But add it all together and you get artsy me.


Bread and butter stuff, again. I’ll keep collaging till the day I die most likely. The idea of series will keep evolving. I’ll most likely always accompany collage creation with attempts at interpretation. The last coupling of collage and analysis is through the Boos series from last fall, which I consider perhaps my most unified and fulfilling effort in this direction to date. A new series has yet to form beyond it, but I’ve been busy with other art.

The base series of my modern or mature collages remains the 20 part Greenup set from 2004. Seems like a really long time ago now. Before that I more sporatically worked with the old time method (to me) of cutting images out of magazines and pasting them together. But I probably won’t work in that way again. Digital collage is more my style. I’m not worried about the selling aspect, and create them only for the purpose of pushing the boundaries of the genre itself in a certain direction. They are “educational” in my eyes, although I’m not against selling *specific* examples in the future (just not whole series, perhaps).


The progression of synchs started in 1997 with the first steps toward the idea of a Rainbow Complex beyond just the “mere” Dark Side of the Rainbow, a gateway synch for certain. To me, it was the birth of rainbowology, which I haven’t really written about all that much yet. Oh, there’s been some pretend interviews with the likes of Booker T. and Pierre Schaeffer (actually alts), but I’ve chosen to keep certain key elements hidden until I figure out what to do with the concept as a whole.

But that’s just the start. Synchs continue to this day, though creation has slowed recently to about once a year. I may even be at a longer pause currently. I’ll have to talk to Hucka D. about this soon.

baker b. separated from alt Pierre Schaeffer in 2004 with the creation of the former’s Greenup series. At roughly the same time came the latter’s Billfork, Head Trip, and 4orrin1. 4orrin1 especially blew the lid off what I formerly thought an audiovisual synch could be. It remains blown.


Latest in this category is the blandly named (on purpose) “Collagesity Winter 2015-2016” fiction — it’s actually what you could call a graphic novel set in Second Life (and its “moon” and also the *moon* of *that* moon). A next project could involve interpreting this fairly large work, like I do with my collage series. It falls in line with other fiction I’ve developed in spots down through time, the first successful one being perhaps “The High Octave Story” from way back in 1986 or so (rewritten in the early 90s, if I recall). Then along the same lines we have “Jordan’s Rule” from c2001, and then also the larger “Paradox II: The Chancelling” that came along late 2005/early 2006. I need to finish that off… technically it could probably be called a hybrid work as well.

Looking at other hybrids on this page, “Map Synching Feeling” is an interesting experiment with map oddities; “6 Weeks of Shining” combines collage work, map research, and elements of audiovisual synching, tied together through Stanley Kubrick’s film “The Shining”; “Baker Bloch in England” represents a fusion of collage, fiction and virtual reality a bit in the style of “Collagesity Winter 2015-2016” (except set in “reality”/ i.e., England); 2009’s “Where are We on That?” is a good introduction to my original set of virtual characters, most of whom are still around (Baker Bloch, Baker Blinker, Hucka Doobie, etc.). Hybrids will keep being produced.


I continue to hold onto Collagesity, and certainly work on keeping it up paid off more recently with its use in “Collagesity Winter 2015-2016” mentioned before. But has it fulfilled its usefulness? One thing it’s certainly not is a proper archives for the collages (and synchs). The Sunklands site, established last summer, instead has become this… but I would like to keep a virtual town going along with the site, if possible. Second Life’s Collagesity remains a comparatively inexpensive satisfaction, I suppose, in this direction, but my guess is that in the future a virtual town will not cost as much, relatively speaking, and can be rolled into web site payments.


Another recent success story with the unfolding of the many Bigfoot dimensions. Polarity between Bigfoot Proper and Chesterton is involved, the two identified artsy centerpieces of the complex. Each has now been the site of a fulfilled marble race and connected toy/junk happening. Whitehead Crossing represents the other important woodsy center still, and lies on protected ground (Frank Park) in contrast to Bigfoot, which could go away with the snap of a finger. But toy/junk happenings may not ever really come to Whitehead Crossing, unlike what I thought before — up until maybe even this past winter. Bigfoot has taken over in this direction. Bigfoot may be temporary, but my attachment to Blue Mountain in general also is temporary now, as we plan to move to Middletown in 6-8 years. We have land there, we can set up a modular home with little maintenance for our old age, and Middletown is such a neat city with many creative plugins. I can’t imagine leaving Blue Mtn. for anywhere else in the U.S. of A., although *England* remains a possible final destination. But that’s a long story.

Back to toy/junk happenings. These will certainly continue beyond Blue Mtn. and into our Middletown existence. I’m just refining the process now; winging it as they say. And Bigfoot itself may continue into the future. I have the option to camp there even when living in Middletown, since we’ll be retired. And Whitehead Crossing, too, probably has long term value, if in a more abstract way and connected to local Frank and Herman Parks as a whole. But I don’t think I want to camp in Frank and Herman Parks. Too many aliens.

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Bigfoot Video

The legend of Ol’ Plugg’n Yellow is born (video by wife; thanks!):

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Over there Lisa?


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July 28, 2016 · 1:11 am

Bigfoot Gleanings 01

The Bigfoot/Chesterton art event is pausing for now with the very successful marble race test this past Sunday. A new marble legend has been seeded: Ol’ Plugg’n Yellow, who was the most consistent finisher of the 10 or so marbles I tried out that day. Not too fast, not too slow. Just right; another “goldilochs” situation, like with Greenilochs in last fall’s Bigfoot marble race. LINK But perhaps a truer goldilochs this time, since the colors match up now. Yellow/gold.

Interesting: as I was looking up the word “plugger” online just now, my flash player plugin froze my computer up for a moment. 😮

What do I take away from the event so far? Well, there’s the very interesting separation of Chesterton North, where the focus of the marble race was on, and Chesterton South, which turned into an observer of the event, in effect. To me, this means that the latter has more potential for growth beyond the present situation. Lisa Simpson, aka Lisa the Vegetarian, may get her own office space in the town. There was a very late push to unite the two bergs a bit with a curved piece of wood procured from the press box of the old high school football field up at the Plateau of Raw Art — but it was only a token gesture, most likely. Maybe there isn’t any deeper connection to develop between North and South. It’s another wait and see situation.

Linking curved piece of wood “pointing” to Chesterton South’s central pressure cooker “building” in background, then:


“Hucka D., I was wondering if I could pose a couple of Chesterton related question to you?”

Hucka D.:

Okay. I’ll give it a try.


Carrcassonnee has stated that I need to take my focus away from Chesterton for a while.

Hucka D.:

That is true[ enough]. Chesterton has its own spirit. You know him — the cheetah?


Sure. Should I talk to him? He’s never given much information out about the town.

Hucka D.:

Groovy. I’ll get him.

Chester (appearing from behind a white curtain):

Groovy. Cool-i-o, daddy. State your questions man.


Chester, what is in the future for Chesterton? Is this really the true manifestation of Edwardboro and Project POPE? Like the original Bigfoot Proper event was Pope Project, a preparatory event, like John The Baptist paved the way for Jesus of Nazareth.


Died for your sins. Neat-o.


Is this what Lisa the Vegetarian wants to negotiate — with you maybe?

Chester (indicating):

Over there Lisa? Lisa the Cool and Groovy and Chilled?




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Next 02…

“I never had a balance to Monkey City during childhood, Hucka D. Chesterton is simply different. 2 fer 1, as Carrcassonnee put it.”

Hucka. D.:

Am I here? Is this thing on?


Over here Hucka D. Follow the bread crumbs.

Hucka D.:

I’ve been lost for so long. Pantyhose aisle in Supermart, Big Four, West Virginia. Never got my nylons. Still unfashionable.


I remember Grassy being stuck in an aisle in that Supermart….

Hucka D.:

Me. I am Grassy.


Okay. So maybe we should do a SID’s 1st Oz interview?

Hucka D.:

Audiovisual synching is next, true enough.


Who to use?

Hucka D.:

6 Feet Under. Oz. Contact. Hare… Hare Who Lost His Spectacles. Draw from the past. Rainbow Sphere. Tinsity. Wallace3.


Silent Running?

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“Thank you for speaking with me tonight Carrcassonnee.”


We are always measured by pain and pleasured.


Thanks for that.


You’re welcomed. You have questions about Chesterton?


Well, the event seems over. I won’t be able to get out to Bigfoot for maybe another week. Momentum loss. But great success, if so! Better than even the original Bigfoot event last year.


You bask in success. You eat your cake. Drink it too. Bigfoot is big!


I want to delve deeper into its past. There’s a chance, a *chance*, that it may be around for 10, even 20 more years. It could be a mid-summer destination.


2 fer 1. Different. Unique. Weasel there, even! Next is something different, however. Next is…




You’ll see.

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Bigfoot/Chesterton Late July Happening — Wife’s Pics

The Silvers/ End of Original 12.

The Stage.

The Veer 01.

The Veer 02.

The Veer 03.

The Veer 04.

Track repair.

The Silvers support 01.

The Silvers support 02.

Taking down the track (sob!).

Chesterton North (observer).

Plateau of Raw Art.

The Veer and Ol’ Plugg’n Yellow (!).

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Bigfoot/Chesterton Late July Art Happening 02

So let’s just move backwards up the track now from end to beginning, starting with… the end. In test runs day before yesterday (Sunday), a peak day for the happening, marbles usually just barely made it over the finish line, slowing considerably in the Original 12 (12 pieces of rustier track at the end of the race) from a speedy entry. In future realizations of the track, I may replace the rustier track with newer stuff — unsure. At any rate, as I stated before, I’ve decided not to make the Original 12 permanent within Chesterton, but just took it back home with me like the rest of the 39, currently shinier segments.

You can see the end of the track roughly parallels Wireway 61 coming in from the north.


This is a juxtaposition of the end of the track (lower part) with the beginning of the track (upper part), which lie directly in line with each other, essentially. This further symmetry was planned, and forms part of Chesterton’s overall synchronistic web, shall we say. I’ll have to see how high the beginning of the track is relative to the bottom the next time I set it up.


The center of the Original 12, or what I call The Veer for obvious reasons. It all kind of centers around that Avon church product and related mossy rock.


But in another way, nearby Pooh (right) with butterfly on his nose fluttering above the Snow Queen’s purse represents the center, along with resonant, large metal butterfly positioned on the bank behind them.


The end of the Original 12 and the beginning of the remaining 39 segments, silvery in color. It’s so appropriate that a very silver door knob holds up the first of these sections, accompanied by a toy avatar we’ll call Small Silver Surfer (SSS or 3S). The wife took a better picture of this pairing that I’ll show in the next post…


The Original 12 is made up of 4 straight segments of train track surrounding 4 central, curved tracks (aforementioned Veer). The Additional 39, as we’ll term them, begins with a similar 4 segment straight run…


which connects to 2 curved tracks…


… before straightening out with 4 more track sections…


… before leading into 3 curved sections, all turning clockwise now…


… that turns into the Big Straightaway of *8* track segments. This is the place marbles pick up their greatest speed heading downward…


… after first navigating this curve where marble speed is at a minimum, at least until the very end of the track right at the Finish Line. Some marbles I raced didn’t make it through this turn, halting forward progress.


Two additional 45 degree turns…



… gets us to the 2 brick supported starting section whose end represents the highest part of the track. We’ve reached the beginning.



Looking back down the track toward Big Straightaway.


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