Bigfoot, Collagesity, Whitehead X-ing, BoB, etc.


I continue to visit Bigfoot at least once a week during the hotter months, sometimes 2x or even 3x. I should go more. No art happening, per se, um, happened this spring/summer there, but the possibilities in the future for that remain strong, centered around either Bigfoot Proper (where my chair and spool table are and where the happening last fall occurred), or the newer region I’ve named, for now, Chester (also known as Second Place or Secondary — probably Second Place). Chesterton? (compliment to Porter on Leola Creek?) I’ve taken lots of pictures, and am very pleased that I can continue going there in the hot weather. The last time I visited — Saturday I believe — saw not one but three snakes, all at the Plateau of Raw Art, however, and not down in Bigfoot. Two were seen in the old high school drainage system. I also ran across a blacksnake on the main path into Bigfoot a couple weeks back, running just south and above the Plateau. And then a smaller snake (garter) was spotted around Bigfeet Swamp itself in April, my first one of the year.

What of Second Life and Collagesity and BoB, the new place I’ve outlined on the Nautilus continent near the “older” village of Mystenopolis? Well, no really tangible development there either, nor on the collage front. Dr. Mulholland is back and training for her next “assignment”, mainly at a BoB spa called [Finland Small]. What is the assignment? Well, I think it is to protect me, baker b., and through me, Baker Bloch, from harm. A new threat has arisen in that direction, replacing the entity known as “Me” or “My” from this spring. A lesser threat, admittedly, one call [Lime Lite]. It is Dr. Mulholland’s job to rise to the challenge and deter the new enemy. I don’t think it will be too difficult. She just needs to tap into more Lemony Goodness, like was summoned via her magic (if cursed) purse before. Dr. Mulholland (and the dealie with the acquired purse) has allowed Baker Blinker to assume her correct role as (background) Queen of Collagesity, and escort of Karoz Blogger. Their permanently joined existence has branched off from the main one we still follow in Collagesity, now attached fairly firmly to BoB and all that entails.

Speculations: Lime Lite (LL) stands, at least partially, for Linden Labs (also LL), which took over the Second Life grid formerly occupied by People of Lemon, who could taste, touch, smell, but had less options for teleportation, flying, and other “superhero” powers avatars take for granted now in that virtual reality. It was more rooted in *our* world (First World), to put it another way. A hidden portal exists between Chester and BoB, allowing entities to move between the two. The portal measures about 3×5 inches for now, but is sure to change in dimension and power in the future.



Collagesity follows BoB, yes, into the future. Dr. Mulholland trains. Dr. Mulholland protects. Lime Lite must be destroyed. Lemony Goodness prevails. It all goes down in the next 8 months. Afterwards: freedom. Use the tension to your advantage. Grow into new responsibilities as a *synchronicity artist*. You know your role. Be kind to those who don’t and aren’t able to understand what you stand for. What you *are*.


What I art?




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