BoB(ylon) Investigations 04

Next up in John Lockfry 02’s BoB(ylon) investigation was a nearby house that he knew his wife had frequented. That feeling again, a tingling even. Not a lot of activity there but some. He sits at the dining room table, wondering if *she* ever ate here, perhaps with that unknown other who he only knows as Wilson.


Will he even know the identity of this person? Or will it remain hidden from view, like another Wilson did in the 90s sitcom “Home Improvement”.


A bookcase within the house may provide clues. 9 of the same books appear on its two shelves, with 6 missing from the top that are additionally found on the lower shelf. The one that stuck out for John Lockfry 02 among these was a blue book on Quantum Mechanics, which appeared to be the only English language tome of the 6.


He starts to think he’s dealing with a quantum mystery, which means that the observer affects the observed. But what does that actually mean in terms of BoBylon? Well, in this case it is pretty clear cut, because observer/investigator and observed/investigatee are one. Of course they affect each other!


This is the 512 that Baker Bloch had his larger of two Jordondip structures erected upon, now up for sale. But the price tag is way too high for the Baker Bloch family to even consider. The plans for the structure might have involved a small gallery, with perhaps at least the beginning of the Bogota series displayed within. But, honestly, I’m starting to think it may be years before I get to that series.


Then there was another jump in time that JL2 effortlessly bridged in his mind which took him to the grounds of the Vintage Dream Village in Tholtfinger directly north of Jorondip, already mentioned in this earlier post from June.

But JL2 is actually in a small park immediately north of the mall, owned by the same person (Mona Ramona). “Hey, that tree looks like a woman,” he thinks while walking down the park’s main trail.


Then another tree further down convinced him. These *are* women!


“Remember the female,” it attempts to convey…


… echoed by a red lady-tree on the other side. Of course, JL2 is not going to fully listen. That’s been hard wired into him.


But the molten, hot hot heaty hot sphere of BoBylon was bearing down on him still…


Carrcassonnee and Chester together inserted a clue behind the mall for John Lockfry 02 to find, as they knew he would. It’s an old beggar named Linda, who has a sign with “blah blah blah” repeated three times. They knew it could act as a trigger in this particular setting. The code within the sign took a moment to kick in…


… but became activated at the beginning of this bridge on the same property. It was those waterfalls again. Waterfalls. Water falls. He was directly west of the Little Finland cave, existing just on the other side of the terrain wall. He suddenly remembered the intense shower.


But was it the correct one, the truer and more immediate example with the evil twin? Turns out it wasn’t. But Carrcassonnee and Chester were quite pleased still. They didn’t even think it would get that far.


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