Birthplace of Bogota?

Baker Bloch was biking around BoB (Birthplace of Bogota) when he spied what looked to be Dr. Mulholland in the distance, sitting on a bench underneath one of apparently several airport terminals in the metro area. It was a rather shocking spectre…


… until he realized it was instead the original, generic Linden avatar Dr. Mulholland’s physical appearance is based upon, called Amy. Still, it got him thinking: where *is* Dr. Mulholland? He’d find out soon enough. Turns out he/she knows about BoB as well.


Nice site with lots of freebies called Vintage Dreams Village and Freebies Mall, in the Tholfinger sim just north of Jorondip where most of the BoB action has taken place so far. More on all this soon. Baker’s already secured a number of these freebies…


A beggar on the facility. Baker Bloch didn’t have any spare change on him at the time.


Across the street (bricked Highway 14) Blochs comes across a giant pickle he just has to ride.



There are quite a number of Buddha statues in and around BoB, this one in Delchdork.


I haven’t come across a globe of Second Life like the one pictured below in my explorations, but, then again, I, through my avatars like Baker Bloch, haven’t been traveling through this virtual reality at the rapid pace I use to. Pretty much been stuck in Collagesity for the past 2 years, with small stints in Mystenopolis and Nautilus City. That’s about it.


A mysterious head appears above an equally perplexing house in Nuggy, the sim west of Jorondip. Reminds me of something you might encounter in Twin Peaks’ Black Lodge (note the floor).



Back in Jorondip for this photo.


And up into Gormthoog above Tholtfinger (in turn, above Jorondip) for these last two of the present post.


Bloch sits in a bar beside the tattoo parlor pictured above, wondering where his true place in Second Life is. Does Collagesity still fit the bill? Will my/his virtual family end up just moving to BoB when the collage making starts going again? And where is Dr. Mulholland in all this? Baker Blinker? Karoz? Hucka Doobie? He drinks more beer but is unable to resolve the questions in his mind today.


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