Bigfoot Mid-June

Some sunset scenes from the Plateau of Raw Art…




… before moving down into Bigfoot beyond its western edge. These photos actually come from the day before. I’ve been visiting Bigfoot almost every weekend since April, and some weekdays even. It has replaced Whitehead Crossing and Herman and Frank Parks as a whole for a woodland focus. I envision another happening taking place here soon, perhaps late summer or in the fall. But for now I’m just happy visiting and poking around the area. There’s always something new to take in, it seems.

Looking up at the lip of The Plateau from 4th or Blue Road.

These two construction barrels may now be directly relatable to tigers; that may even be their name within Bigfoot at least. There’s another one in Bigfeet Swamp, making three total for the area. As far as I know. These adjoined barrels, again, lie on the side of 3rd or Green Road.


And here’s something new I just missed before, hanging in a tree right above them: a blue and white towel. Like I said, Bigfoot comes up with at least a minor surprise ’bout every time I visit. I relate this towel to the 2 proximate barrels, but I’m not sure exactly how yet. There’s one towel and 2 barrels — 1 and 2, the original numbers, also represented as masculine and feminine archetypes. Also: father (1) and mother (2). I’ll give more details later if I decide to keep going down this line of analysis.



Bigfoot rock on 3rd/Green Rd.

The source of that orangey creek. Will it be named simply Orangie? Or perhaps Cheetah or Tiger (orange cat creatures)?


Tire just above the source of that orange seep. It’s also quite near Bigfoot Proper, which is just south and whose table and chair can be viewed through the intervening weeds if you know where to look.


Another new thing or newly observed: a smaller rock conspicuously perched on top of a larger rock, and right off the main path between Bigfoot Proper and Vincente/Chester. I don’t know how I missed it before. Is this additional evidence of meta-terrestrial activity in the region? Could very well be. The rocks lie beside In-The-Way Fern, and on the opposite side of same, right on the path this time, was the white flower of a bent over and perhaps dying daisy plant, I believe. It appeared like a marker or indicator.


There are apparently many mysteries of Bigfoot yet to be fathomed.

1st/Red/Swamp Road beyond Vincente.

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