Bigfoot Early July 01

Another shot of that mysterious wood head positioned on the road around Bigfeet Swamp (southeast corner). LINK


Looking up into the trees.


Leola Creek rock.


A more interesting, larger rock found on the outlet stream of Bigfeet Swamp, just before it joins the flow of Leola. A more pointy rock.


Bigfeet cattails…


Perhaps a slightly better picture of the rock on rock mentioned here. LINK


Larger rock within Bigfoot. I believe this is cement now, which once held a fence pole up at the Plateau of Raw Art. Hence the hole in the middle.


More prominent, mossier rock at Chesterton, which is finally developing into something of an official happening as of yesterday and the day before (as I write this post).


The protruding lip of this pink cup in Chesterton matches the pink of my shoes (bottom).


A few feet away, a golden leaf exactly matches the color on faded coke cans just beyond. Something peculiar is already going on here.


Chesterton looking south from about the position of the golden leaf/coke cans.


This is First Tree. Within Chesterton we have 5 or 6 pine trees positioned 10 to 12 feet apart on the eastern edge of the forest road I call Second Road. I’ve decided to name them by number starting with this northernmost one.


An odd root loop in Chesterton. More on that soon.


Chesterton tree with moss around the bottom of it. Mossy might become its name.


More objects found on Second Road to the south of Chesterton.



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