Bigfoot Early June 01

A possible significant find in Bigfoot along the road almost encircling the Bigfeet Swamp: the head of a wooden golf club. Remembering that the original object found in Bigfoot Center — and which the very successful toy happening from last fall was built around — was a golfing iron. Is Bigfoot telling me now that it is being upgraded from an iron (middle game) to a wood (long game)?? I’ve passed this spot many times and not seen the wood head until this day. I definitely think the find has meaning. Bigfoot *is* being upgraded.

The wood head was also found at almost the exact opposite side of Bigfeet Swamp from Bigfoot proper and its own golf club. The two clubs oppose each other in some fashion. And I also think the UMAPS version of Georgia (state) is being inferred, with its own iron and wood golfing references. Bigfoot is also clearly marked in UMAPS in Texas, via the only US Bigfoot. And my Bigfoot also has close ties to Iron County, Missouri.


The wood head lies near the top of this somewhat mysterious set of apparently now forgotten and unused “stairs” leading up to Bigfeet Swamp from Leola Creek.


Orange-y (Chester”? Cheetah?) Brook or Stream to the north of Bigfeet Swamp, once more. As I’ve found out recently, you can see the head of this stream from Bigfoot Center.


Another strange spring outlet leading down from the Plateau of Raw Art, just like the Bigfoot stream but further north and not emptying into a pool/swamp this time. Although Orange-y Stream is nearby, it also doesn’t empty directly into it. Actually, there’s been little flow of water within this culvert when I’ve visited. It’s difficult to see (and take photos of) during summer months because of all the surrounding brush.


Looking up through an avenue of green from the culvert toward the Plateau of Raw Art.


There are a good number of these kind of rocks around the culvert.


Another Bigfoot rock. There are many.


3 photos taken at the Plateau of Raw Art as I made my way back to my car this day.




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