“Return” to BMUL

Now it’s almost summer and everything is fully green, I’m beginning to walk the Blue Mtn. Urban Landscape trails again. Some pictures of stuff I don’t remember before. I’ll attempt to make a map of both the BMUL and also Bigfoot very soon.



A new, progressive grocery store is coming to BMUL. Eventually this will probably extend the territory I can walk in it.


Near the center of the BMUL, at a place I believe I called ALO last year, or nearby.


Purple-ish flowers.


Red maple on small knoll — another possible center. Is this *Grassy’s* Knoll (or Noll)?


Landmark willow tree also at ALO.


This spring, new sidewalks have been added to the Urban Landscape. Good upgrade — it was tough walking along this particular, narrow road before because of all the traffic coming back and forth from the nearby Huge Mart and attached strip mall.


Yellow irises along a tributary of Leola Creek.


Canine Lake (named again for the tooth, not the animal), is grassier than I remember.


More BMUL pictures coming soon!

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