Collagesity Changes

The Table House is gone for now, and while briefly playing around with reinserting the Toxic Art Gallery holding the “Art 10×10” at that location, I might have now instead settled on the return of Norris Temple to Collagesity. Nice fit.




And I can create a small and round “Table Room” on the top level. I think this is a go…


For the problem of where to display the crucial “Art 10×10”, I’ve also decided tonight to rez the SoSo Gallery in Collagesity, replacing the Bodega Market. Within you can procure a landmark to the entire “10×10” on exhibit in the Edwardston Station Gallery of Cayuga. Although an “illegal” build, the cubic form of the ESG has been there for well over a year now. Problem seemingly solved. SoSo itself contains 1/5th of the “10×10” in the Oblong series from 2006, one of my favorites.




Edwardston Station Gallery, Cayuga


Karoz’s college remains intact through all this. When will new collages be created? Perhaps pretty soon.

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