Jorondip Again 01

Baker Bloch in an unremembered location surrounded by books. Our kind of place!


Bodega Bay still has some interesting things going on — like this Nautilus City themed house perched on a rocky ledge. Salazar Jack will not be forgotten.


The male Baker has decided that Home Orange is his true residence in Collagesity, not Gloomy Gus, the attic of the Norum College or anywhere else in town. This is a good decision, I feel, and will move his family forward in a positive manner.


Inside his home. He doesn’t plan a lot of remodeling, I don’t think. But perhaps he has things up his sleeve he’s not letting me in on. Because I’m writing this text several days after publishing the pictures, I at least know that he’s upped his cable subscription from free (static channel only) to basic (5 channels, including one he was really excited about that plays all 170 episodes of beloved 60’s sitcom Green Acres in a continual loop).


View from his 2nd floor study.



After messing about Home Orange a bit, he decides to teleport over to Jorondip again and see what’s new, if anything. And Jorondip, once more, didn’t disappoint. A *shape* had manifest right beside the centerspot of the sim since the family’s last visit several days back. More correctly, it was a sphere that turned into a cat which kept popping in and out of reality, seemingly. Obvious connections going on with Shroedinger’s famed quantum feline, then, although that association wasn’t intended by whoever placed it here in all likelihood. It is for the family’s eyes only, and now you, dear reader, once more.



In — cat shaped locked in now.




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