Another Jorondip Mystery…

Baker Bloch examines the Wanderlust wall to make sure his ad for the Edwardston Station Gallery and its Art 10×10 is still there. *Not* replaced by an imaginary wrestling ad… phew!


Then Baker Bloch has a hunch. He teleports into the very center of the Jorondip sim already featured a number of times recently on this blog…

… but in the action, changes over into John Lockfry 02, standing against the middle of a yellow sign that reads: “What happens in the garage stays in the garage”.

He sticks his hand through the sign and takes a picture from the other side….


Just as he thought: the middle of the 10×10. This is the 10×10 again!


The next thing he knows he’s beating the crap out of a nearby punching bag.


He’d seen another avatar doing the same a couple of days back. He suspects it may be this legendary Quito who is now building a roller coaster in the same sim. Quito Doggerland.

The bag has won this time.


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