Around Lower Austra 01

John Lockfry 02 stands on the Seven Chickens Bridge in BoB, gazing towards the giant faune statue about 160 meters away. He realizes something now. The overseeing faune personifies decadence, the corruption of BoB itself.



Proof is in the pictures below. The crescent shaped house, seeming about to gobble up the Linden bridge from an overhead perspective, is a place of Lemony Goodness, and also frequented by the wife. Currently the involved land is up for sale, along with a number of other parcels in the sim (Gormthoog). Baker Bloch is actually quite *tempted* to abandon Minoa’s Collagesity and move his operations here, even bumping up the land tier allowance to the next level. But that’s what it is — a temptation, and I’m speaking Biblically here



This is an interesting photo because it shows the top of Mystenopolis’ Church of the Silicon Soul, a noteworthy juxtaposition with the “corrupted” house, bridge and faune.


To help take his mind off his woes, Lockfry 02 decides to jump on a passing yava script pod and take a tour of both Routes 13 and 14 in Lower Austra.


He discovers a number of cool spots…


… including The Baddest Hangout along Route 13


… but none as interesting as this diverse cemetery also in Baddest, a sim 2 down from Mysten and the remains of its Mystenopolis.





George M. Weaning?


I easily tracked down the real grave site in Lovettsville, Virgina this is taken from:


Lovettsville is a town in Loudoun County, located near the very northern tip of the Commonwealth of Virginia, United States. Settled primarily by German immigrants, the town was originally established in 1836.

Perhaps meaningful that the gravestone also has a tip. “M Weaning” = “meaning”? (W is an upside down M as well.)

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