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“It was always going to be you and me, babe,” spoke robot Bendy from the couch. “And Alberta here too, I guess. What’s he hunting today?”

“Shellfish,” answers mergirl Prissy from her stand.

But Alberta’s greater passion was providing equipment for journeys into the center of the Earth. He waits patiently for his master Dr. Mulholland to finish her ride.

Er… his ride. This may take longer than expected.


“We’re outta here Jack.”

Jack manifests who he really is. “Goodbye Bendy my old friend. Safe journeys.”

“Hold on to your seat Fisher! HERE WE GO!”

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rooms 02

“All right baby doll. Tell me which room is yours.”

There was an awkward pause. “I… I can’t remember!”

Prissy’s reality was then chosen for her. Peter SoSo opened the door to the right. “Dear, is that… you?”

“Oh. Hello… Bendy. It’s, um, been… a while.”

“It’s been a girlfriend and a lifetime ago,” the robot replied tensely.

He looked for a sign from his wife. “Invite him in Peter,” she said. “We need to talk about things.”

“Well, yeah, er… I suppose we do need… to… do that.”

“A *lifetime*,” Bendy reinforced to Peter’s face while walking through the open door.

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Tronesisia enters the room. Good that Baker got rid of the clown watchguard outside, she thinks. 12 prims! He thought it was 3 or 4. Only 1 until 40 — (allotted) prims maxxed out. He certainly didn’t want to insult the new landlord right off, the new Ringmaster. One of ’em.


“Empty,” she uttered.

“Yes,” Bendy declared after checking it out. “An empty room; nothing within. You must have heard the wind, baby. But not from me, hehe.”

“No,” clarified Prissy. “This picture. This empty picture.” She kept studying the slight bit of orange hair at the bottom. “I’m remembering something.”

“We better get you home,” relented Bendy, starting to really worry about the mergirl’s recent ramblings. Attempts at smooching will have to wait.

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“Come with me Wheeler Wilson,” commanded Peter SoSo, suddenly manifesting in Buster’s inner tube beside her.

“Why?” demanded Wheeler to the stranger. She remained calm and steady.

“Just do it. Do you know who I am?”

She looked him over. “My guess: just another carnie. Like that other merperson selling concessions outside of Baker Bloch’s new house in town.”

“That’s *not* Baker Bloch’s house.”

“Isn’t it? He told me it was.”

“Come with me,” Peter bid again.


“Alright we’ve visited the marketplace and gotten the stuff you wished me to have. What next, Mein Ringmaster?”

“We transform you. Just as I have been transformed. That way we can walk and talk as a couple. We are a couple, no?”

Wheeler was confused at this turn of events. “I… don’t know.”


“*Are* we a couple?”

“Yes,” she stated firmly.

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next week again

Prissy didn’t think it was at all funny. Bendy had rented the rowhouse closest to her concession stand and started hanging around a lot. Stuck with his presence, she decided to focus on her day dreams during conversations. He was especially interested in the robot lady that frequently appeared in them.

“Dame sounds familiar,” he says while woofing down clams purchased from the cart next door. “Does she have a moral chip? Because I always wanted one of those things.” He was trying to figure out a way to ask Prissy to the opening of “Bible Truth” next week at the Grand Lapara Ballroom. But there was, of course, the whole *marriage* thing to Peter SoSo to consider, he lamented. And where was her dapper young mer-man today? he asked Prissy directly. She said he mentioned riding the town trains, seeing where they began and ended. The play doesn’t start until next week, she further explained. Bendy gulped. Peter SoSo is in the *play*?

“Those clams are not agreeing with me Prissy,” Bendy then said while looking down at squiggling, shelled hallucinations all around. “If you’ll excuse me.”

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2 Worlds

“When he shows up, just remember to act surprised,” requests Tronesisia.

“I will.”


Prissy wakes from her day dream. Bendy walks up.

“Hey babe, I’m looking for the kissing booth. And I think I’ve found it, haha.”

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“Weighty Past”?

Is *this* the true beginning of the Bogota series?


I’ve thought this before; false start, however. But — interesting — that picture texture is now rezzing in for me where it wasn’t before.


Maybe this time I’ll create a loose set of collages based on Collagesity settings. Perhaps meaningful that several Moon of Moon characters (Prissy, Bender) show up in “Weighty Past”. They’ve been almost completely absent from the blog since their creation in Feb./March of this year. High fantasy indeed.

And here’s (drum roll please): Hucka D.

Hucka D.:

I don’t know neither.


Whether it’s the start. True start.

Hucka D.:

Yes. Maybe you better ask Carrcassonnee.


Shucks — hoping you were back.


Instead, Wheeler helped me as Baker Bloch out. Interesting.


“Prissy and Bender, eh? But as I understand, that rock and Tyle Cube also represent the 6 sided Moon of the Moon, with equilateral gravity now. Correct?”


“Correct, Wheeler. What about Rutherford “Booger” Hayes? He’s a collage regular as well. He has a history within. And there’s Spider — Spider! Remember when Carrcassonnee stated he had to go back into the collages. Well, perhaps there he is! Maybe he’s not in the gazebo any more. Maybe he’s found a way in.”


“Where’s Baker Blinker tonight?” Wheeler then asks.


“Well, I’m more interested right now in the Moon of the Moon and how to get back there. There’s a labyrinth on that satellite’s satellite. Like Rock 01 has a labyrinth, and the same kind (7 circuit). Maybe you better stick that in your pipe and smoke it.”

“The Moon of the Moon was indeed squared — squaring the circle, or, in this case, sphering the cube. That expression just came up in a Space Ghost episode I watched today. Its name was Piledriver LINK. It starred my father, of course, and then *his* grandfather, who looked like my father with a grey beard pasted on his face. He mentioned a squared circle just out of the blue (4:40). Here, I’ll pull up the related video. We can go up to the theatre and watch; I think you’ll like it.”

“I suppose I have time,” Wheeler said. “I have to…”

“Have to what?”

“You know. Get to the shed.”

“Wheeler, you’re the only entity I know from Collagesity that has to regularly use the restroom. I can wait.”

Problem was, it usually took hours. Like Superman.


“I’ll be up at the gazebo when you’re done. Perhaps talking to Carrcassonnee. Perhaps not. But I’ll be there. Waiting.”

“Good.” She entered.


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