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“It was always going to be you and me, babe,” spoke robot Bendy from the couch. “And Alberta here too, I guess. What’s he hunting today?”

“Shellfish,” answers mergirl Prissy from her stand.

But Alberta’s greater passion was providing equipment for journeys into the center of the Earth. He waits patiently for his master Dr. Mulholland to finish her ride.

Er… his ride. This may take longer than expected.


“We’re outta here Jack.”

Jack manifests who he really is. “Goodbye Bendy my old friend. Safe journeys.”

“Hold on to your seat Fisher! HERE WE GO!”

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Baker Blinker’s World of Lemon 05

“Where did Karoz come from?” forms an important question early in the story of our Jeogeot days. “Who are his parents?” Obviously Sapphire is his surrogate mother during Karoz’s stay in Noru(m), but with no father figure around, seemingly. There was the mysterious, perhaps ultra-mysterious Peter SoSo who came along later. Chilbo’s direct Lemony double in Crabwoo becomes relevant.

But I’m going to skip to Karoz in Collagesity Winter 2015-2016 for now. We see him first there as shopkeeper for the Bodega Market. He has a gun, and practices target shooting down at Poppie Pond almost directly underneath the store. He lives above the market in a one room apartment — still does. But he was also at least a borderline alcoholic when Baker Bloch first finds out his old 2009 Jeogeot hiking buddy and sidekick has been resurrected. Their friendship continues in Collagesity Noru from back in 2014, but we do not have any photographs of them together there — oh, I believe we have one. Let me dig it up, because I was in that one as well. LINK But it is here in Rubi, as documented in the Collagesity Winter 2015-2016 material, that Baker Bloch’s and Karoz’s joined fate is fully revealed. Karoz was destined to be my partner, my lover. As Blochs is essentially my brother, my twin even, that makes Karoz an eventual brother-in-law. Oops! I seemed to have spilled the beans on my big secret. Yes, Karoz and I are engaged! We’re tentatively looking at a Christmas wedding, since my parents will be in town anyway. Nothing big, mind you, just a celebration wrapped inside another celebration.

So the history of Karoz also becomes part of my history as two streams merge into one. We will figure out things together from now on. I support his evolving theories about TILE and a potential college for the movement. He supports my continued experimenting and tinkering with the wrestling tag team idea, actually a parallel development. Latest on that is the “manufacturing” (or recruitment, if you wish) of a super-wrestler named Wheeler, spawned from Wilson. You see, Dr. Mulholland, as John Lockfry 02 knows now, has essentially left the scene, making The Mulholland Drives project dead in the water. She felt (rightly) threatened by Wheeler, a more powerful athlete. Wheeler stands 5’9″, and weighs about 150 — hope she doesn’t mind me saying that for the blog. Dr. Mulholland is only 5’3″, 5’4″. I myself am a wiry 6’3″, so basically a foot taller than the doctor. Practicing with Wheeler is a better fit for me, and a better matchup physically. The several times we wrestled in ernest, I just beat the pulp out of Mulholland. Wheeler is a greater challenge. And she’s maybe about as smart; turned me on to new physics — quantum computers, strange entanglement, and such. It will be an interesting path.

So back to Karoz and the upcoming wedding. There are plans to get Hucka Doobie intimately involved. I won’t say any more in that department — just drop a hint of what’s to perhaps come. As far as living quarters go, I’m not sure Karoz’s Bodgea market apartment will be suitable for the two of us. My Gloomy Gus is cozy but small. Maybe we’ll have to move away from Collagesity, even. Perhaps the whole extended family will. Nautilus’ BoB remains a strong possibility for a destination. A re-creation of Collagesity, and perhaps the birthplace for our user’s projected Bogota collage series.

David Bowie slash Bogota will come back among us. He already has. We sense his presence. We cannot see him yet as he wanders about the place. He changes things around in the twilight zones. He probably lives in the woods still. He will be found soon.

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Dr. Mulholland

The fake moon erased, the now whole Dr. Mulholland floated away toward the blue cube-world in the sky that had transformed somewhat in design. She was free! No more crippling transformations into that former husband of hers. All that was behind her now. Moon destroyed… chair and former lover destroyed. They were one and the same.


She saw what she knew was her *true* husband appear from behind the cube, about the same distance from it as herself. A new and better mirror. It was Jack and Lily’s Peter, freshly immersed into his own grave, and with his real face locked in now.


It wasn’t quite Peter Gabriel, which would especially be to Lily’s disappointment. But this particular version of Peter Soso would still do the trick.

Dr. Mulholland shouted at him from around the cube. “Peter?” She waited for an answer.

“Yes,” a weaker voice finally responded. “It’s me.”

“I’m going to move close to the Blue Feather now. Do you have the key?”

Peter had to think hard, but then remembered the answer. “Yes.”

“Okay, good. I can see your face clearly now. And what a lovely face, sweetie. You *do* know who I am?” Both were close enough to the cube now to almost reach out and touch it.


Peter looked at her face. Another whole set of memories tumbled into place. “Yes,” he answered again. “You are The Doctor.”

“We are each other,” Dr. Mulholland completed. They were upon it. “Go ahead and open the cube, my dearest. It’s time.”

“Time is a funny thing.” He placed the key into the Blue Feather.


“After you… my dearest.”

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“Stuck here?!” He was incredulous.

“I’m afraid so,” replied Dr. Mulholland, now on her 3rd glass of wine. This didn’t count the stuff her double John Lockfry 02 knocked down earlier. Karoz wondered if the alcoholic effects accumulated between the two of them or if it was wiped clean after a transformation. By the looks of her state, he’d guess the former.


“Tea, madam or sir?” It was the Selenite butler Karoz was introduced to earlier, seeming to sense a need to maintain a certain level of sobriety. The last of the true monsters, Dr. Mulholland claimed. Tamed and harmless as a little kitty now, she explained, and then even purred like a cat to reinforce the idea. “No thanks, Alberta,” he said. “Nahh,” slurred Dr. Mulholland in turn. He dutifully retreated back into his hidden corner of the diner.


“Don’t you think it’s cruel just to keep him tucked away over there until you need him?”

“Nahh,” she said again, and made the wine in her glass more turbulent. “So what do you think? What’s the arrangement going to be?”

“Arrangement?” Karoz querried.

“I mean, right now it’s me and the hubbie, Alberta over there, and then Bendy. H-how do you fit it?”

Karoz was firm. “Hey, I’m not staying. I’m going to get off this rock somehow.” He was starting to talk more like the locals.

“How? It’s all unlinked. We had to do it because of the monsters, like Alberta. Hey Alberta?” she shouted toward his hidden corner. He immediately came forth.

“Yes, madam? Tea madam?”

“No, I was just wondering if you could tell our guest Karoz about your kind, the Sele–nites. And how we tamed you and took out all those wild, murderous bits.” She snarled at him this time and clawed the air.

“Yes, madam. My people are Selenite warriors that come from the inside world. We numbered 7. We battled the Selenite isopods, who also numbered 7. We killed each other off many times over, but always came back to life at the Bright Lites. Until you and Mr. John Lockfry deactivated the Bright Lites and set me free. I am the seven who are one.”

“He means the rezzing crystals,” explains Dr. Mulholland, “the ones that are brighter. I’ll show you sometime. Heck, let’s go now. I’m tired of sitting around this place night and day. Well, night. The hubbie never wants to go down there. He’s crippled. Oh, what I mean his mind is crippled as well as his body. Come here, come here.” Dr. Mulholland waved Karoz closer to her. He leans over the table toward her, careful not to spill his wine. “He *is* the moon now. How about that?”

“I don’t understand.”

“The moon became crippled when we unlinked it and extracted all the monster codes. My husband became crippled at the same time. It was an arrangement. One of us had to go back in that chair. It wasn’t going to be me.” She looked at him with fire in her eyes.

“Going back to Collagesity, you said you woke up in the woods and found your way to Baker Blinker’s house.”

“Gloomy Gus, um huh.” She swigged another gulp of wine.

“You had a pocketbook.”

“Unch, right. The key.”

“Baker Blinker said it had money in it. And a note from Old Kent, the shark you know.”

“I know. The shark told us to give it to you. The shark said you were the most important person in Collagesity now, but you can’t change. So we brought you here. You’re *trapped*. We didn’t die in a firey explosion. That was just staged.”

“Staged,” repeated Bendy in a smaller voice from her shoulder.

Karoz Blogger just shook his head at this. He didn’t believe a lot of what she’s saying. He was eager for another transformation to take place so that he could talk to the male side, get another slant on events.

Dr. Mulholland wiggled a finger at Karoz. “We had to keep you away from her. The evil Baker. We can’t even allow you to have a quarter to call her. Oh, what the heck, here’s a quarter. Give her a call; tell her you’re okay. That shark is probably crazy, after all. Tell her you’re on the moon, we’re here, and everything will be okay.” Then she says this in a lower tone, more to herself: “Except it won’t be okay.”


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After watching a ravenous Karoz eat sushi especially prepared for him by his wife (his favorite food), John Lockfry then prodded the moss being for questions as both sipped wine. “You must have many about our situation here,” he said.


Avoiding the obvious one, the elephant in the room as it were, Karoz asked why the Collagesity diner appears intact here, seemingly unchanged. He kept waiting for John Lockfry to spring out of his chair again, turn into a woman, and then pour himself another glass of wine. That was cool.

“It’s not completely the same. One picture is unstable compared to back in your Collagesity. It’s the one behind you on the wall there, the Warhol print.” He indicated it with his free hand. “Another Warhol print keeps forming behind it, and then receding. What do you think?”

Karoz Blogger got up and studied the work, swirling the wine around in his glass while contemplating. “It’s both a picture of a gun and a car,” he said plainly, and waited for more explanation.

“Yes, but the car is a *lemon*, you see. Backwards lemon. Like the word “redrum” in that famous movie whose name always escapes me.”

“Shiny Hare?” offered Karoz.

“Yes, that’s the one. The one with the soundtrack by Story Room. How is Story Room anyway, Karoz? You’re best buds with the lot of ’em aren’t you?”

“Kind of,” came the answer. He sat back down at the table. “I was just thinking about them, actually, on the flight up here.” Karoz started to explain how he plans to go into a particular baker b. collage set in Stonethrow, England to attempt to recruit the 3 members of Story Room again as teachers for his new school, but decided it would be too drawn out.

“And the movie begins with the same vehicle, colored yellow. Like a lemon. It’s traveling through high mountains while a high Tom Petty sings about driving toward a mystery leading him on.”

“You seem to know quite a lot about “Shiny Hare”.” Karoz eyed him suspiciously.

“It’s a famous movie by a famous director, after all. We have a large screen tv upstairs in our bedroom. There’s not a lot else to do.”

“*Their* bedroom?” Karoz thinks, and then speaks aloud. “I must ask about your situation here. Um, with your wife and your… what do you call that, er, object on your shoulder?”

“That’s my pet Bendy, not to be confused with another pet called Benjy. He’s different. Isn’t he Bendy?”

“No,” came the tinny answer.

“How improper of me. I’ve been attending our honored guest and forgot about your needs. Do you want a cracker to gnaw on. Obviously we can’t give you wine. You know what happened the last time.”

“Yeah,” the robot answered. “Sick.”

“But you’ll be polite with the cracker and not spill *too* many crumbs.”

“Okay, whatever.”

“Let me finish talking to Karoz and then we’ll go upstairs and I’ll feed you and let the wife take over.”

“Yup,” the robot responded.

John Lockfry turns his attention back to Karoz. “So… more questions now.”

“We’ll, I was asking about your situation…”

The robot loudly belched. “Pardon *me*,” it said, and covered its mouth with its small metallic hand.

“You’ll have to excuse me, Karoz Blogger,” John Lockfry then said. “It seems that Bendy can’t wait for his din din.”

“Nope,” the robot answered.

“We’ll have to let Dr. Mulholland take over early and then I’ll return.” John Lockfry sprang up from the chair and again transformed into a woman. She sat down at Karoz’s table and poured herself another glass of wine.

“This is what *always* happens,” Bendy complains again from her shoulder. “I haven’t been fed in 2 weeks!”


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Karoz Blogger blinked, and John Lockfry appeared to spring out of the chair and stand in front of it from his angle. The voice that issued from the figure now was obviously female, however.

“You know there’s no monsters down there. There *use* to be. We had to unlink the whole moon to get rid of them; delete the scripts from the objects in question. Now it’s all clear.”


Karoz walked closer to make sure his eyes (and ears) weren’t tricking him. But as soon as he started striding toward the figure, it was back in the wheelchair, seeming to answer… *himself/herself*!

“You keep saying that, although I don’t ever see you go into the interior.” The masculine voice was switched on again.


Karoz was upon them by now. He watched the transformation happen up close this time.

“Why don’t you back up a bit so I don’t have to stand in this cold water to answer you.” It was clearly Dr. Mulholland now, whom he met on Baker Blinker’s porch several days ago in an awkward situation. “Always bickering about this confounded moon, we are. What Karoz Blogger must think of us.” She turned to him…


…and then popped back in the chair. The long hair instantly shrank back into a bald head, the figure filled out more, but otherwise everything else seemed the same except for the sitting in the wheelchair part. They wore the same outfit, had the same toy robot perched upon their left shoulder. Karoz was only mildly surprised on top of everything else when it too spoke in turn.

“He thinks you’re *nuts*,” the robot said in a small, tinny voice.

Karoz was about to refute the robot’s brash statement when the wheelchair bound man turned around and started heading back toward the diner’s front door. “Come along Karoz. I’ll tell you my side, then I’ll allow my doctor wife to tell her side. You can decide which one of us is truly nuts, then.”

“You *both* are,” reinforced the robot on his shoulder. “There ain’t no moon!”


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… Dr. Mulholland was searching for a way out, while a strangely transformed Cardboard Derek Jones looks on. “Where *is* that darn keyhole?” she asked while examining the large blue cube lodged in the ground beside Collagesity’s Middle Pool.

She disabled camera constraints. “Ah, there you are… in Blenhorn. Should’ve known.”


She spoke over top of the cube now. “Soon we’ll be gone from this place of dreams my sweet. So so soon.”


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