Dr. Mulholland

The fake moon erased, the now whole Dr. Mulholland floated away toward the blue cube-world in the sky that had transformed somewhat in design. She was free! No more crippling transformations into that former husband of hers. All that was behind her now. Moon destroyed… chair and former lover destroyed. They were one and the same.


She saw what she knew was her *true* husband appear from behind the cube, about the same distance from it as herself. A new and better mirror. It was Jack and Lily’s Peter, freshly immersed into his own grave, and with his real face locked in now.


It wasn’t quite Peter Gabriel, which would especially be to Lily’s disappointment. But this particular version of Peter Soso would still do the trick.

Dr. Mulholland shouted at him from around the cube. “Peter?” She waited for an answer.

“Yes,” a weaker voice finally responded. “It’s me.”

“I’m going to move close to the Blue Feather now. Do you have the key?”

Peter had to think hard, but then remembered the answer. “Yes.”

“Okay, good. I can see your face clearly now. And what a lovely face, sweetie. You *do* know who I am?” Both were close enough to the cube now to almost reach out and touch it.


Peter looked at her face. Another whole set of memories tumbled into place. “Yes,” he answered again. “You are The Doctor.”

“We are each other,” Dr. Mulholland completed. They were upon it. “Go ahead and open the cube, my dearest. It’s time.”

“Time is a funny thing.” He placed the key into the Blue Feather.


“After you… my dearest.”

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