Lily finds that old rowboat in her inventory and promptly rezzes it on the newborn ocean in front of *their* cottage. She tells Jack to hop in and starts to row for them, being the considerably stronger of the two and in better shape. “I promise in a month’s time we’ll be switching places,” he adds while plopping down in the boat’s passenger seat, rocking it forward. Destination: Jack’s work shed at the other pole, to see what needs to be moved to the cottage. And for another reason Lily and Jack aren’t telling their “children”.


Bendy, Prissy and visiting Tony Tiger see them off as they sail past Peter’s submerged grave. Seems like months ago that Peter used his own burial spot as a portal into the celestial sphere then *inside* the moon (as well as outside, of course) to merge with Dr. Mulholland at the Blue Feather cube. The world ocean became stable after that, not fluctuating in level and remaining translucent. But it was only 4 days ago. Time’s indeed a peculiar thing.

Halfway to their destination they also pass a waving Tilie and his new assistant Molly. “Don’t worry about us getting in your way,” the wise parrot says, knowing more of what’s going on than at least Bendy and Prissy. “And happy honeymoon!” she added. Both Jack and Lily blush slightly. “Take care, Molly,” says Jack in parting. “We’ll see you in a bit.” She and Tilie head away from the ocean bank to parts unknown.

They arrive at their destination. The new world sea ends here in this direction, filling up Big Crevice separating the work shed and Cardinal Tree, Molly’s former fixed place of residence.


“She’s made sure no one bothers us here, you know,” Lily states as she gets out of the beached boat and stares toward the dead tree with its now empty limbs. “This is *our* spot presently, our private area.” Jack rubs his chin knowingly. “She’s a sharp bird indeed. She’ll help Tilie greatly in continuing to maintain our moon. Gravity’s omni-directional now. Much easier task than before. Molly may even have time to attend night school at Crabwoo University, since all that’s opened up again. That would be exciting for her.”

“Cool,” says Lily. “I’m sure she’ll do well.”

They enter the shed. “Do you think it will fit?” Jack queries.


“Well, we’ll obviously have to move your globe out of the way,” Lily responds. They both stare at the red pins marking the limits of what Jack could see of the celestial sphere from this pole. “And then your thinking chair and the books,” Lily says, as she continues to look around. “Everything, really, *including* the cat.” She and Jack turn toward it.


“I’m not having that thing stare down on us while we’re…”

“… completing our world?” Jack finishes.

“Exactly!” exclaims Lily, joyously leaping upon his back and seeing the whole ball of wax now.



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