Blue Mtn.>Middletown (Again)

Development is occurring on the Middletown mythos again. This is the place we’ll most likely be spending our retirement time starting in 7-10 years. Probably more like 7, actually. I had several nice Middletown hikes both this past Saturday (morning) and then again on Monday.


1st set of shots come from locations along a railroad about 1 1/2 miles south of Future Home. I do not yet have a mythological name for this area, but it’s probably coming. Along the rr I found a more heavily graffitied wall, naturally picturesque.

This kind of sums up the life of a graffiti artist, don’t you think?


Thick green strokes for this unintelligible scrawl.


Hobo graffiti ghost? Teaching smaller ghosts about the ethereal art of spray painting?


I see a number of “B-TEAM’ and “MOMS” on the wall.



Another, lower wall along the rr. The creek running through here may be named Hemp, but not totally 100 percent sure of that yet.


Interesting underpass beneath Superhighway 30 which parallels the rr along this stretch.


Stairs just beyond. This is an official trail along the Greenway. I should back up here and say that Greenway, Superhighway 30 and the Nowhere River conjunct at this place. LINK


Underpass pipe with scrawl that’s suppose to be intelligible but still appears cryptic. Not graffiti, obviously, but sharing certain features.



We now switch to a location considerably closer to Future Home, or what I’m calling First Stream or perhaps Prime Stream (Pream?). Actually there are two streams in the area that combine to form one stream at Upper Mossman Road. So maybe one is First and the other is Prime. So my thinking is that the closest to Future Home is First, and then the twin stream, more protected and hidden in the woods, is Prime.

The Greenway is also very close to First/Prime. A path connects latter to former, running by these more interesting and larger rocks.


Mysterious bridges span Prime and First at many places. I’ll certainly create a map asap.


There’s junk in the area. A considerable amount.


Head o’ Prime.


Another Prime bridge. Guarded by thorny bushes. Obviously not been used in a while.


Bricks in Prime.


Circle of green along Prime. Violet, green, orange actually. More on First/Prime soon!




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