Karoz Blogger blinked, and John Lockfry appeared to spring out of the chair and stand in front of it from his angle. The voice that issued from the figure now was obviously female, however.

“You know there’s no monsters down there. There *use* to be. We had to unlink the whole moon to get rid of them; delete the scripts from the objects in question. Now it’s all clear.”


Karoz walked closer to make sure his eyes (and ears) weren’t tricking him. But as soon as he started striding toward the figure, it was back in the wheelchair, seeming to answer… *himself/herself*!

“You keep saying that, although I don’t ever see you go into the interior.” The masculine voice was switched on again.


Karoz was upon them by now. He watched the transformation happen up close this time.

“Why don’t you back up a bit so I don’t have to stand in this cold water to answer you.” It was clearly Dr. Mulholland now, whom he met on Baker Blinker’s porch several days ago in an awkward situation. “Always bickering about this confounded moon, we are. What Karoz Blogger must think of us.” She turned to him…


…and then popped back in the chair. The long hair instantly shrank back into a bald head, the figure filled out more, but otherwise everything else seemed the same except for the sitting in the wheelchair part. They wore the same outfit, had the same toy robot perched upon their left shoulder. Karoz was only mildly surprised on top of everything else when it too spoke in turn.

“He thinks you’re *nuts*,” the robot said in a small, tinny voice.

Karoz was about to refute the robot’s brash statement when the wheelchair bound man turned around and started heading back toward the diner’s front door. “Come along Karoz. I’ll tell you my side, then I’ll allow my doctor wife to tell her side. You can decide which one of us is truly nuts, then.”

“You *both* are,” reinforced the robot on his shoulder. “There ain’t no moon!”


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