Two hours later, a warning message comes over the intercom. “Moon impact eminent, moon impact eminent. Contact in 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2…”, and then a violent thud. But Karoz, strapped in tightly, avoids harm. Successful landing on Second Life’s sole satellite!

After stepping out of the embedded spacecraft and dusting himself off a bit, Karoz finds something totally unexpected looming before him: the Collagesity Town Diner. “Why is *this* here??”


But he feels it has to be the one and only moon because there’s the cube shaped world of Second Life hovering near the horizon that Karoz *was* expecting. Beautiful indeed. Now — the diner.


The interior looks exactly the same as the Collagesity version as far as Karoz can tell. It’s a virtual duplicate.



He hears movement upstairs; people talking, one male and one female, although he can’t distinguish what they’re saying. A teleporter is right beside where he’s standing, but he decides not to head to higher stories — doesn’t want to invade privacy. Instead he goes to explore the surface more.

He sticks his hand in the pool of water just outside the structure. Cool to the touch, but he dare not drink it yet, despite his thirst from the long journey.


And then in the very center, Karoz finds a mist filled passageway leading into the moon’s interior.


“I wouldn’t go in that place yet, Karoz Blogger,” warns John Lockfry, appearing around the corner of the diner and in his wheelchair now. “There be monsters.”


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