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7 Stones: Artist “Alley”


Paying respect (Karl, Terry, other pirates).

I suppose *this* could be the alley. Behind the structures instead of in front.


But Woody’s blocked this completing underpass if so.

Woody appears to be the new Pitch Darkly, in that *his* house is connected to the Blue Feather instead of his bloodied vampire friend’s Darkly Manor. Interesting new twist — probably one of many the town will provide. Although full of familiar structures and viewpoints, 7 Stones has a new air to it. Beyond Collagesity.

I hope so, since so much is at stake.


“And House Greenup has also returned, Cardboard,” chirps Woody Woodmanson cheerfully to his ever-present, flattie house companion.”

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show i can all

Old Reading Man and Little Reading Light were the first to arrive, and, big surprise, each whipped out a book from their deep pockets and began reading.

What LRL was scanning had more to tell. St. Croix’s Diamond Keturah, but the Keturah was missing. A seismic activity earlier in the day had temporarily erased it from the island’s map. But the name would return soon enough. Such things always do.

Later, Biker Jones and Ranger Johns guarded the entrance to the meeting room, keeping out riff raff like the “reading twins” as they jokingly called them. “This is an *action* room,” they said to Old Reading Man and Little Reading Light after arriving themselves, telling the the two to remain sitting in their seats and just keeping on doing what they’re doing and stay out of it.

Meeting room. Action galore. Tronesisia led the charge, but many more straggled in between 7:47 and 8:01, with Carrcassonnee the last to arrive, saying she’ll just, “squeeze her big butt in against the wall over here,” as she put it. So: Carrcassonnee lives!

Others present, going counterclockwise from Tronesisia: (floating) Wyn Galbraithe from Lapara, Cardboard Derek Jones (no relation to doorman Biker Jones that I know of), Redbot, Old Man Baby…

…. and then, continuing to circle around, Carrcassonnee, whom we’ve spoken about, then, er, I guess that’s Doogie Martin (?), then Grey Seal who just wallowed out of the nearby sea to join in, then Furry Karl (another resurrection?!), and then a figure most commonly called Pietmond Boy in the blog, I believe.

Let’s pause here before continuing the character introductions to gander at two art pieces on the wall, the first hung directly behind the seated Pietmond Boy. It might be familiar to regular blog readers, being, at the base, the same as the famous painting “My First Sermon” by John Everett Millais, mentioned in Martin Gardner’s “The Annotated Alice” as probable direct inspiration for Tenniel’s illustration of Alice riding in a train in chapter 3 of “Through the Looking Glass”.

But there’s some twists here. Parts of what appears to be *another* picture bleed through around the edges in mysterious, blobby patches. We see the image of several ducks — or at least their heads — just behind or beyond the seated girl, for instance.

And then on the opposite side of the door from this, a now sideways Bunneh 02 and his egg and candle holding cushion cover up what appears to be another figure, perhaps from a bathing beauty poster, say, like in a mechanic’s garage.

Then continuing our introductions, we have Ben Thar (Mr. Bean cutout, actually) beside the Bunneh 02 art, then Bluebot (counterpart to Redbot across the room), then Second Lyfe founder Philip Linden standing behind Tronesisia in the corner, and lastly Ross C., another robot who may be a servant or some equivalent to the central Tronesisia.

Out in the hallway, yet another robot, named Claude — a golden hued gezzer made in ’25 — attempted to do the unspeakable to same just before the meeting (about 7:47). To excuse him *just* a bit, he *does* remember Tronesisia from Bennington when she was a mere pleasurebot and not the important and distinguished Collagesity novel character she’s known as today. But at any rate — and very justly of course — he was then promptly banned from the Meeting Room by Tronesisa who obviously spurned his advances. Get to reading the Collagesity graphic novels, Claude! Tronesisia has come a long long way from where she use to be back in those dark days.

Claude was only there because his perpetually smoking and toking brother Punky was acting as receptionist for the gathering out on the front porch. Claude had to drive his sibling around since he lost his feet in that rabbit tossing accident in ’92.

Punky was also known for his womanizing ways, and, similar to his brother, made little to no attempts at hiding it. Many times they had fought over the same “floozy dame”, as they sometimes labelled them.

In yet another room of the house, Original Eve (still macabrely clutching her dead child Oliver), Pigpen from the Grateful Dead, and couch sitting Norris/Harry waited for their chance to join in. It never came.

Nor did it for the 3d Venuses who just showed up at 8:15 with *way* too many friends and were barred from these kind of meetings for life.

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“One Pink”

Pitch had always gotten chills when walking past this particular spot on his Grassy Avenue. Tonight he understood why. Two cardboard figures, Derek Jones and Sikul Himakt Mykall Skall, awaited him at the location. Pitch temporarily lost his sight.

“Ahh, my eyes! I can’t see.”

And soon he couldn’t hear or speak either.


Jacob I. was now up on the second floor of House Greenup in Rubi. He had reached Greenup 11 in his examination. Himself.

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breaker breaker

Marion Harding thinks his world might be breaking down. He had been on Gaeta V going on 2 years now. Sent here by trickery and mistake; eventually caught in a tangled web of power and intrigue woven in Capitol City.

He didn’t like the continent’s largest and most central burg very much, although it had elements he admired. Of course there was the money, the flow being strongest here. But heiress Becky Latrobe wouldn’t even let him into her posh house now that he’d shot Dirk in the head and made him dead. And Madam Wanda Stinoble was going straight and returning to the old continents. For Gaeta V was news at the time of its birth eastward of Corsica. News and dangerous. And those darker elements naturally aggregated and congealed at the depression originally called Pittsboro. Pittsboro evolved to Pittington evolved to Darksity evolved to Capitol City. Over time the sinister aspects were smoothed away like the reformed, flat terrain. Gaeta V would have no natural sinkhole that kind history would remember. The Great Black Swamp which sucked up aboriginal settlers such as Ned Bartlett and Kindsey McTweed into an untimely doom was tiled and drained, and a shopping mall now graces its ironed over land, selling the newest threads and peddling fresh leather attache cases soon to be filled to the breach with lindens and gold and jewelry no doubt. Like his own, bought just a week and a half back. Because Marion liked to ensure that each case of treasure had its own home. He could himself probably build a small house with them even now, only 2 years in. Or, really, only 1 3/4 years in because it took him a little bit to find, then ingratiate himself into the sodded fabric of the city.


“Baker, have I ever told you the story of my nephew Marion and how I mistakenly sent him over to walk the length of the Gaeta V continent 2 years back instead of having him watch the GTA V video Spongeberg actually requested at the time?”

“No. Do tell Cardboard!”

“I haven’t heard from him since. Until yesterday. A short note indeed: ‘I think my world might be breaking down.'”

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“You *see* about the magnifying glass, Jacob I.?” Cardboard Derek Jones pronounces with pride at the newly rezzed House Greenup in Rubi. “Right at the Southern Cross.”

A list of constellations and stars on the map:

Procyon (α Canis Minoris).
Canis Major: five stars, the largest depicting Sirius.
Canopus (α Carinae).
Spica (α Virginis).
Hydra: two stars, the largest depicting Alphard.
Crux Australis: five stars, the largest depicting Alpha Crucis.
Sigma Octantis (σ Octantis, south pole star).
Triangulum Australe: three stars of similar size.
Scorpius: eight stars, the largest depicting Antares.

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Woody’s Abode

Woody Woodmanson stepped out of his key shop teleporter and onto the green mainland terrain of Collagesity North. Like Pitch, he’d never been to this area before. But, as he told Lou, rent was just too expensive for his Bermingham house. When an opportunity to stay in Collagesity North free of charge came up, he jumped on it. Baker Bloch, who he knew now was the same as Snowmanster, would never be far away; a great buddy to have around. Things didn’t work out in Purden in terms of being immediate neighbors. Maybe here they would.

Baker said for Woody to look for snow. Like Pitch, he’d know immediately which dwelling spot was his. And like the vampire, he fell in love with it at first sight.

Snow, but not *everywhere*, he cooed. “Just around the house. *Just* right.”

“And a snowman. Howdy snowie! What’s your name?” No answer. “Must be one of the static ones,” Woody rationalized. “Hmm, maybe we can take care of that later.” He continued to talk to the inanimate object. “Would you like to be a real live snowman, just like I became a real live toy?” Woody definitely saw promise in the figure. And at 3 prims (as he subsequently checked), he’s a steal of a deal.

He goes around the big rock and enters the house from the porch. Also like Pitch, he was warned that clutter would be around, and that if he didn’t like some of the provided decor, there was no problem in switching it out.

But what *wasn’t* to like so far? Woody thought while settling back into a Victorian steampunk chair. Okay, so maybe the space monkey will have to go, he admitted to himself, not knowing this was famed philosopher and art critic Cardboard Derek Jones, “away” at the time.

Upstairs: a bed and a computer table. View of the entrance to the Great Linden Wall. “Lovely.”

Tired from his day of moving, Woody gets some well deserved shut-eye.

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Plane Clash? 01

Baker Bloch is starting to think about the flatties again. How they live. How they interact and work and play together. Ones like [Jim or] Flat Ebbe Linden have specific roles: in this case, to guard the main western entrance into town and take stock of everyone that passes by him. Strangely he could be a moral policeman of sorts. Who put him in this position of power? Was it Karoz? He’s manned this western “greeting” station for a while.



I need to get to know the whole flattie culture better. Who was with [flattie] Furry Karl over at his thought-to-be abandoned Rubi bar the other night? It appears that this group, whoever they are composed of, meet on a regular basis.


In other Collagesity news, a new, colorful tower has sprung up on the eastern side of town. It is a remake of this past December’s Shiny Hare tower LINK, but, akin with that earlier version, probably won’t stick around long. Baker Bloch also played around with inserting the Kidd Tower in the middle of town, its front door connected directly to the back door of Starbuccaneers. This concept was also scuttled. Collagesity is pretty perfect as is groundside, Baker Bloch thinks. The way to develop is through the town characters, not as much buildings.


We should note one more new building, however, a shell of one still but seemingly a more permanent sort. Will this become a rival coffee shop for nearby Starbuccaneers? Or perhaps it will evolve into a small gallery. Is *this* where the Bogota collages takes root?


And what of Karoz’s Norum College? Can it be developed as well now? Baker Bloch attempts to converse with flatties Space Ghost and Cardboard Derek Jones on the lower floor but finds them in a non-animated state. Why are some flatties “alive” and some “away”.


What activates them (like Furry Karl and Rhoda were recently reactivated from a “dead’ state — brought back to life, in essence)? You don’t have that problem with the 3d-ers, as Karl terms them. The avatars like himself, Baker Blinker, Hucka Doobie, Karoz Blogger, and so on and so forth. But, then again, what of the 3d-ers that are not avatars, like Starbuccaneer, who also spring to life at times? What of the strange, recent merger of Starbuccaneer with the ballerina statue and also, it seems, Rhoda the flattie bartender? 3-n-1, as townspeople refer to them. Is the amalgamation truly alive or dead or both? What’s going on?

An answer may appear in Norum College’s famed backroom, where Baker Bloch died of a heart attack in (Noru-style) Collagesity over 2 years ago now. He almost immediately came back to life in the nearby House of True Lies, but the room remains haunted, perhaps similiar to Room 237 of Kubrick’s Shining film. What’s in there? 2130?

The door stands ajar for Baker Bloch, but he backs away in understandable fear.


Is the oh-so-green Karoz behind this as well? The “Behind Room”?



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… Dr. Mulholland was searching for a way out, while a strangely transformed Cardboard Derek Jones looks on. “Where *is* that darn keyhole?” she asked while examining the large blue cube lodged in the ground beside Collagesity’s Middle Pool.

She disabled camera constraints. “Ah, there you are… in Blenhorn. Should’ve known.”


She spoke over top of the cube now. “Soon we’ll be gone from this place of dreams my sweet. So so soon.”


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Norum College

In happier news for Karoz, his new school of learning keeps developing. He’s decided to call it Norum College, housed in the old Norum Gallery building formerly featuring the work of collagist Julie Sadler. Karoz wants to hang at least one of her collages in the college but hasn’t chosen which yet. The Norum Gallery sign has been retained for the school.


Applicants for the college are suppose to show up in person on the bottom floor, where Space Ghost and Cardboard Derek Jones help them sign up. Karoz is still preparing promotional pamplets, along with the application packet itself. But this is roughly how it will look when the room is finished.


The second floor is devoted to the vast subject of science, perhaps focusing on the experimental side, such as Tesla inventions and theories.



On the third floor so far, we find these 3 easels. It’s obvious that Karoz wanted to hold at least painting classes here but he was running out of prims after the splurge on science from the floor below. We’ll have to see how it balances out. Baker Bloch is hoping that the college will place more emphasis on art in the end. It is *Collage*sity, after all.


Baker may live on the top floor in serving as custodian for the school. As of this writing, he’s won out over Karl for the position. But what will become of Karl now?


The most ambitious project slated for the college has to be this rocket ship Karoz is designing in the tower section of the House of Truth. He plans to take it all the way to Second Life’s lone moon, and after that… well, better save some surprises for later(!).


After giving Baker Bloch a tour, they sit in Karoz’s apartment and look out on southern Minoa and Sikkima while sipping Absinthe from a bottle, a surprise gift from Old Kent (shark). Oh, but it comes with a sort of price tag: “Don’t change,” the accompanying note simply read. He doesn’t plan to; no worries there.


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On Friday night, December 31st, Spongeberg Resident was standing before the townspeople of Collagesity, imploring them to give reasons for him to *not* destroy it and them with it. It was slightly in the future, but I saw it through the vortex that had been opened in the meantime.

“The tower of Shiny Hare is a reason for the town to keep existing,” he continued. “Baker Bloch’s ‘Uncle Meatwad’ is a reason. The budding love of youngsters Cardboard Derek Jones and Lisa The Vegetarian Simpson is as good a reason as any. I’m all for true love. But in my heart of hearts, I still think the cons outweigh the pros. The town is too expensive to run. Even with the oh so handy prim to convex hull conversion to decrease land impact.”

“Who are you?” raised a voice in the back of the crowd. It was Furry Karl, who had arrived late for the meeting due to his longer walk from the Hole in the Wall bar.

“I am called Spongeberg Resident, and I am a destroyer by nature. There are hundreds upon hundreds of residents in this Second Life, but I am *The* Resident. Carrcassonnee is unique as well. I stand in for her at this meeting, as I explained earlier Fuzzy Jim (Spongeberg attaches a wrong name to Furry Karl here). She is meeting with forest representatives at Nautilus City, and I’ll go ahead and tell you that she’s making plans to move *some* of you — along with *some* of the town — back over there if I make the choice I think I’ll make. So it’s up to you, the citizens of Collagesity, to make a difference. Send me your essays (earlier, Spongeberg had asked each person at the meeting to send him at least a two page report on why Collagesity should be saved). Send in the reasons. I’ll debate. The chance of destruction is 70-30 right now. Carrcassonnee has allowed me to do what I wish here. She actually can’t keep me from my job even if she thought otherwise. Yet I am not a mean deity. I am a kind destroyer. I usually nibble around the edges — a church here, a gazebo there. But I feel in this case it is best for all of you to enter another life together. A life that doesn’t involve Second Life.”

“I haven’t seen the required film,” chipped in flatty Fox Mulder, who, as usual, was standing side by side with partner Dana Skully. “Can we still see it? That might make us, as a town, feel better about where we’re going, where it’s all heading.”

“You had your chance,” replied Spongeberg levelly. “Baker Bloch was at the beach all last week and you all just sat around doing nothing. You are so lazy. I’m asking you to work now for your town. Okay, okay, I’ll allow you to see the film if you wish. “Uncle Meatwad” is currently loaded up at the Collagesity Theatre but I’ll ask Baker Bloch to reload the Grand Theft Auto video from Tube World [sic].” He tapped his face, as if deciding on something. “You sicken me,” he then tacked on to end his speech. He stepped down from the podium on the second floor of the town diner and made his way through the grumbling crowd toward the teleporter. But when reaching it, he just disappeared in that cloud of black particles again.

I pulled back from the vortex. Carrcassonnee was by my side. “You have only 1 day to change things,” she said. “I have to leave for Nautilus City. Things are pretty much set in stone, but stone can be molded in time as well. A bit. It’s all pretty plastic given enough time. Which you have little of. Goodbye and good luck!”

Carrcassonnee teleported to Nautilus City, leaving me with Spider and Lisa. I knew Lisa wouldn’t be making that date in the diner tomorrow, since Carr. animates her. Poor Cardboard Derek Jones. He won’t understand any of this.

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