Plane Clash? 01

Baker Bloch is starting to think about the flatties again. How they live. How they interact and work and play together. Ones like [Jim or] Flat Ebbe Linden have specific roles: in this case, to guard the main western entrance into town and take stock of everyone that passes by him. Strangely he could be a moral policeman of sorts. Who put him in this position of power? Was it Karoz? He’s manned this western “greeting” station for a while.



I need to get to know the whole flattie culture better. Who was with [flattie] Furry Karl over at his thought-to-be abandoned Rubi bar the other night? It appears that this group, whoever they are composed of, meet on a regular basis.


In other Collagesity news, a new, colorful tower has sprung up on the eastern side of town. It is a remake of this past December’s Shiny Hare tower LINK, but, akin with that earlier version, probably won’t stick around long. Baker Bloch also played around with inserting the Kidd Tower in the middle of town, its front door connected directly to the back door of Starbuccaneers. This concept was also scuttled. Collagesity is pretty perfect as is groundside, Baker Bloch thinks. The way to develop is through the town characters, not as much buildings.


We should note one more new building, however, a shell of one still but seemingly a more permanent sort. Will this become a rival coffee shop for nearby Starbuccaneers? Or perhaps it will evolve into a small gallery. Is *this* where the Bogota collages takes root?


And what of Karoz’s Norum College? Can it be developed as well now? Baker Bloch attempts to converse with flatties Space Ghost and Cardboard Derek Jones on the lower floor but finds them in a non-animated state. Why are some flatties “alive” and some “away”.


What activates them (like Furry Karl and Rhoda were recently reactivated from a “dead’ state — brought back to life, in essence)? You don’t have that problem with the 3d-ers, as Karl terms them. The avatars like himself, Baker Blinker, Hucka Doobie, Karoz Blogger, and so on and so forth. But, then again, what of the 3d-ers that are not avatars, like Starbuccaneer, who also spring to life at times? What of the strange, recent merger of Starbuccaneer with the ballerina statue and also, it seems, Rhoda the flattie bartender? 3-n-1, as townspeople refer to them. Is the amalgamation truly alive or dead or both? What’s going on?

An answer may appear in Norum College’s famed backroom, where Baker Bloch died of a heart attack in (Noru-style) Collagesity over 2 years ago now. He almost immediately came back to life in the nearby House of True Lies, but the room remains haunted, perhaps similiar to Room 237 of Kubrick’s Shining film. What’s in there? 2130?

The door stands ajar for Baker Bloch, but he backs away in understandable fear.


Is the oh-so-green Karoz behind this as well? The “Behind Room”?



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