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World, The

“No, she just prefers Nautilus to here. Nautilus is her, eh, *natural* environment. That’s why she wanted to move Collagesity. Nothing against Heterocera or Rubi or The Woods.”

“That’s reassuring,” confessed Baker Bloch. “She is a dancer.”

“She is *The World,*” John Lockfry 02 reassured him. “She [through Nautilus] is the endpoint of the alchemical process, the philosopher’s stone. Red Violin and Golden Sphere. What is World reversed, then? Well, it is here. Collagesity. That’s what Karoz was talking about.”

“What’s the correct choice going forward?”

“Associate her directly with Nautilus moving forward. BoB, but all of Nautilus really. It’s World of Lemon moving forward. Boxed and ready for motion.”


But what of TILE, I ask?


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