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BF Halloween “Party”


Seldom seen Murdoch came all the way from Middletown to protest the fight and possible destruction of Collagesity. But when Wheeler explained to him what squaring the circle actually meant, the street magician yielded and returned to his own circle.

Blue-green Hummingbird sprang off Wheeler’s upper back and whispered something in her ear.


“Of course you have my permission to attend another party, Hummie.” Wheeler then indicates the presence of Baker Blinker with a wave. “Blinks is already here. She will not be showing up *again*. No need for you to hang around. Be gone… enjoy!”

Baker Blinker suddenly realized what this meant. “This is it,” she says aloud to Baker Bloch beside her. “This is what we feared.” She looked over at the bowie knife laying on the edge of Barrett’s table, the one that cuts both ways.


“I’ll cut her so far back she’ll turn into a Monkee,” she then hisses.

Baker Bloch shakes his head vigorously for no one to see. “That’s what she wants. That’s exactly what she wants. Let her go through with this. It’s Karoz’s choice in the end. Karoz doesn’t have to win, er, lose. Lose, I meant there.”

“Urrggh”, is all Baker Blinker could manage in reply. She stares at a non-costumed Karoz again. You moron, she thinks. You complete fool. You’d do this to *me*!

But it was too late.


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BF Halloween Party 04

Karoz then explains to them about the fight. Wheeler manifests just in time to take a threatening pose, punctuating his spiel.


“You’re going down tonight buddy boy,” she says in a tough guy voice. “And I’m going to use Hucka Doobie’s anatomy to do it, just to rub it in. Rub it all the way in. Tonight Collagesity will be *mine*.” She turns toward the others, eyes afire. “But first, Hucka and I must do the dance of death. Remember the dance we rehearsed?”

“We did?” Hucka Doobie exclaims. Baker Blinker eyes her bee friend evily. “Oh yeah, we did, huh. Didn’t know it was the dance of *death*. But, sure, we can do that for the others. It’s Halloween after all. The one day talking about gruesome death and dismemberment is okay.”

“Right.” Wheeler jumps onto the dance pad. And turns into a bee for all to bee-hold. Halfway through it got even stranger. “About ready for that fight Karoz?” Wheeler called to him during the frenzy. In the aftermath Hucka Doobie lay on the floor, not quite dead but seemingly close to it. Wheeler changed back to Bowie.

“Almost went up to your White Palace forever and ever, Bee,” says Wheeler, towering over her. “Soon enough.”




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BF Halloween Party 03

Baker Blinker was next to arrive, radiant as a blue clad Cinderella.

“May I have this dance,” the similarly blue Baker Bloch asks after introductory formalities. Blinks’ black eyes glistened.


Hucka Doobie is all like, “yes, yes, yes!” He wants to see his two favorite people in the world swinging around together in complete harmony. The great 3-n-1. Just like the good old days in Azure Islands.

But it doesn’t turn out to be quite the eloquent choreography he imagined. Oh well. Still fun!




Just before Wheeler returned, we had Karoz’s grand entrance.


“Karoz!” a disheartened Baker Blinker exclaims. “You couldn’t even bother!”

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BF Halloween Party 02

“Sorry, I had to log out and back on there, Hucka Doobie. I couldn’t even see the picture up [on the wall] to change the texture. But I’ve decided on what to put there. Better do it while Wheeler is away.” He inserts the texture, then adjusts the picture, changing it from a vertical to horizontal crookedness. “What do you think?”


“Interesting,” responds Hucka Doobie. “Using a bit of spontaneous synchronicity, are we?”


“Of course,” says the headless Baker. “Wouldn’t have it any other way.”

“Nor would I,” replies Hucka. “Remember all those good times we had in the White Palace. So much theorizing!”

“Theorizing that won’t be wasted,” Baker then adds. “Our user is going to start working on a proper front to back presentation for both the blogs.”

“Wonderful,” Hucka Doobie says. He thinks of “Octopus” and Tic Toc with swinging arms all around — the Octopus “ride”. Defeating the wheelers, he then realizes. Hmmm, maybe Baker has more up his sleeve than he’s letting on.


The album’s title came about as a result of co-producer David Gilmour mishearing a line from this song (“Well, the mad cat laughed at the man on the border…” – although the word “madcap” does figure in another of the song’s lyrics, “To a madcap galloping chase”). “Octopus” is known for being Barrett’s only single as a solo artist. It was released on 14 November 1969, two months before the release of The Madcap Laughs.[9] In France, the single gained a picture sleeve, which had the drawing of an octopus on it.[10]

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BF Halloween Party 01

Baker Bloch and Wheeler were the first to arrive. Baker came as Steptoe Butte, the only “costume” he owned besides the Space Ghost one, which he thought would be too obvious. Wheeler came as… well, let’s just tune into the conversation, shall we?


“I’ll cut you off at the Bowie picture, Wheeler.”

“Well… what are you going to put there, then? You can’t leave it blank for the party. What’ll it be, old crook Hayes or new crook Nixon? You’re wrong about Hayes, by the way. It was Grant who was the real asshole. Hayes is the one who ended all that asshole-i-ness. The great 3-n-1 he is. At least in the dimension I prefer to view him… attached to.” She tried to think of a better way to put that and became silent.

“Ahh, Hucka Doobie my old man. Er, woman,” Baker calls as he turns to the door. You came as yourself in the past, I see.”


“Lest anyone forget,” she said. “I was bee through and through at the beginning.”

“Along those lines, I have a surprise for you a bit later in the party, Hucka Doobie,” Wheeler offered. “And — welcome as well. But first I have to run over to BoB to take some pictures of myself. I’ll be back shortly.” Wheeler vanishes.

“Greetings Syd Barrett,” Hucka Doobie, says upon meeting the flattie at the line between the old Edwardston Building and Small Gothic Castle. “See you’re still a man on the border, eh?”


“Hold out your right hand,” a non-amused Syd Barrett Gothic responds blankly, then stamps it with a blue feather.

“Thanks Syd.” She walks over to Baker.


“So I see we’re going to have some action tonight,” she says, staring with Baker at what town residents have begun calling the Squared Circle.

“Yup. It’s the contest for Collagesity as a whole.”

“Again,” Hucka Doobie tags on.


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