BF Halloween “Party”


Seldom seen Murdoch came all the way from Middletown to protest the fight and possible destruction of Collagesity. But when Wheeler explained to him what squaring the circle actually meant, the street magician yielded and returned to his own circle.

Blue-green Hummingbird sprang off Wheeler’s upper back and whispered something in her ear.


“Of course you have my permission to attend another party, Hummie.” Wheeler then indicates the presence of Baker Blinker with a wave. “Blinks is already here. She will not be showing up *again*. No need for you to hang around. Be gone… enjoy!”

Baker Blinker suddenly realized what this meant. “This is it,” she says aloud to Baker Bloch beside her. “This is what we feared.” She looked over at the bowie knife laying on the edge of Barrett’s table, the one that cuts both ways.


“I’ll cut her so far back she’ll turn into a Monkee,” she then hisses.

Baker Bloch shakes his head vigorously for no one to see. “That’s what she wants. That’s exactly what she wants. Let her go through with this. It’s Karoz’s choice in the end. Karoz doesn’t have to win, er, lose. Lose, I meant there.”

“Urrggh”, is all Baker Blinker could manage in reply. She stares at a non-costumed Karoz again. You moron, she thinks. You complete fool. You’d do this to *me*!

But it was too late.


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