BF Halloween Party 04

Karoz then explains to them about the fight. Wheeler manifests just in time to take a threatening pose, punctuating his spiel.


“You’re going down tonight buddy boy,” she says in a tough guy voice. “And I’m going to use Hucka Doobie’s anatomy to do it, just to rub it in. Rub it all the way in. Tonight Collagesity will be *mine*.” She turns toward the others, eyes afire. “But first, Hucka and I must do the dance of death. Remember the dance we rehearsed?”

“We did?” Hucka Doobie exclaims. Baker Blinker eyes her bee friend evily. “Oh yeah, we did, huh. Didn’t know it was the dance of *death*. But, sure, we can do that for the others. It’s Halloween after all. The one day talking about gruesome death and dismemberment is okay.”

“Right.” Wheeler jumps onto the dance pad. And turns into a bee for all to bee-hold. Halfway through it got even stranger. “About ready for that fight Karoz?” Wheeler called to him during the frenzy. In the aftermath Hucka Doobie lay on the floor, not quite dead but seemingly close to it. Wheeler changed back to Bowie.

“Almost went up to your White Palace forever and ever, Bee,” says Wheeler, towering over her. “Soon enough.”




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